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Yamaha YZ250

Yamaha YZ250

The current model 2-stroke Yamaha YZ250 is still produced to this day with an amazing fuel delivery system using a proven Keihin PWK38S carburetor to give one of the smoothest throttle responses in motocross racing.

Ground clearance on the 2-stroke Yamaha YZ250 is measured at 15.0 inches in height to clear large obstacles.

The overall length of the Yamaha YZ250 2-stroke is 85.7 inches and weighs in at 227 lbs full of all proper fluids.

Yamaha builds the YZ250 with a seat height of 39.1 inches and a wheelbase measuring 58.3 inches from axle to axle for superior handling characteristics having great high speed stability and good tight turning abilities too.

With a perfect balance of weight and high performance power in a reliable motocross package that is easy to ride as well as maintain, the Yamaha YZ250 2-stroke that is still being produced today is very hard to beat. Many thanks go out to Jordan Kraft for sharing so many cool photos of his awesome MX racing motorcycle.

The potent motor in the YZ250 made by Yamaha has a bore and stroke that measures 66.4 mm x 72.0 mm which currently produces 48 horsepower at peak power output running 8,800 rpm with 30 foot pounds of torque.

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Here are some very important Yamaha YZ250 specifications. The YZ250 pictured here has a lightweight and powerful liquid cooled 2-stroke 249cc engine with reed valve induction intake technology. Not to be confused with the Yamaha 250F 4-stroke, this motorcycle has power comparable to a 450F 4-stroke high performance full race motocross dirt bike seen in Supercross racing.

Jordan Kraft of Oklahoma owned this awesome Yamaha YZ250 and he ran this 2-stroke motocross race bike to it’s fullest potential squeezing every ounce of performance this legendary Yamaha MX bike had to offer. Jordan now currently races a Yamaha YZ450F 4-stroke motocross bike. Hopefully you’ll see it here very soon.

The Yamaha motor engineers created the YZ250 to have a super critical compression ratio of 8.9-10.6:1.

The fuel capacity of the YZ250 is 2.1 US gallons. This Yamaha MX race bike requires the mixing of high performance 2-stroke pre-mix oil with gas to properly lubricate the top end and bottom end of this efficient engine design. Yamaha produces high quality 2-stroke oil called Yamalube 2-R and is used by top racers.

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The video below shows a highly modified JGR Yamaha YZ250 2-stroke built to race against any 450F 4-stroke.

Jordan keeps his amazing Yamaha YZ250 2-stroke motorcycle clean and well serviced ready for the next race.

The Yamaha YZ250 comes equipped with front and rear hydraulic disc brakes for really great stopping power.

The high tech suspension on the current Yamaha YZ250 2-stroke is comprised of inverted front forks that have fully adjustable compression and rebound dampening with a very unique speed sensitive system. The rear suspension is a high performance single shock that is fully adjustable with 12.4 inches of suspension travel.

There’s nothing more important than cleaning your Yamaha YZ250 after a hard day of motocross racing.

Take care of your Yamaha YZ250 and it will last a long time and provide years of reliable motorcycle fun.

Make sure you install a quality racing exhaust system on your Yamaha YZ250. Now get out there and get some good GoPro Camera MX footage while racing motocross or just play riding out in the woods.

Always wear full motocross riding gear on your Yamaha YZ250 especially when riding wheelies out front!

The Yamaha YZ250 has a long history of performance in the motocross world being the only Japanese 250cc 2-stroke currently being produced with a high level of performance. The first Yamaha YZ250 was introduced to the 2-stroke motocross racing market in 1974 and the motorcycle racing world has never been the same. This incredible off road racing machine has been manufactured since those early days to be at the highest level of performance with cutting edge technology that has never been matched up the the current model that can still be bought today while all other 2-strokes have been phased out.