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Yamaha WR250R

Yamaha WR250R

Yamaha WR250R’s have a D.I.D. 18” x 2.15” rear wheel to mount a wide variety of off road brand tires.

Yamaha WR250R left rear view.

Yamaha WR250R rear view.

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Yamaha WR250R right rear view.

Yamaha WR250R right side view.

Yamaha WR250R left front view.

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WR250R front brakes consists of a dual piston Nissin hydraulic caliper and a 250 mm Wave rotor disc.

The WR250R double cradle aluminum frame is similar to the Yamaha YZ motocrossers and WR dirt bikes while also being similar to the twin spar frames found on Yamaha R1 and R6 street sportbikes.

You’ll love this comfortable and narrow YZ motocross type gripper style seat on the Yamaha WR250R.

The WR250R’s KYB rear shock has compression and rebound adjusters and adjustable spring preload.

Very aggressive and sharp motocross style steel footpegs are standard on the Yamaha WR250R.

The Yamaha WR250R has a durable multi plate wet clutch and a wide ratio 6 speed transmission.

There is no mistaking the Yamaha tuning forks logo on the blue and white WR250R street motorcycle.

The Yamaha WR250R has a digital speedometer display and LCD instrument panel with many features.

You’ll notice a Yamaha R1 supersport streetbike style LED tail light on the WR250R dual sport bike.

The Yamaha WR250R front frame area has a massive, strong and lightweight aluminum steering stem.

Lit up in a cool blue color, the WR250R dash instrumentation also has a trip meter, clock and stopwatch.

The front number plate on the WR250R has turn signals for the true definition of a dual sport motorcycle.

The Yamaha WR250R has a large steel fuel tank holding 2.0 gallons for long rides between fill ups.

The Yamaha WR250R has a built in helmet lock on the rear subframe on the left edge of the rear fender.

Check out the video below of the Yamaha WR250R preview and an extensive street and dirt test ride.

The Yamaha WR250R is one of the best dual sport motorcycles on the market today. Designed for both on road street and off road dirt riding in mind, the WR250R is built by Yamaha with YZ motocross and WR off road motorcycle technology. The WR250R has a retail price of $6.690 and is an advanced enduro bike with some of the best components available. The technical specifications for the Yamaha WR250R feature a 250cc liquid cooled DOHC 4 valve single cylinder 4-stroke engine with a bore and stroke of 77.00 mm x 53.6 mm producing over 33 horsepower. The motor revs to an incredible 10,000 rpm. The WR250R has a constant mesh 6 speed wide ratio transmission and a multi plate wet clutch. The engine cylinder compression ratio is 11.8:1. The WR250R is fuel injected with a TCI direct injection coil ignition system and has electric start only with no manual kickstarter. Some other Yamaha WR250R specs include a wet weight of 295 lbs, 36.6” seat height, 55.9” wheelbase and is 31.9” wide. The Yamaha WR250R is 85.6” long and 48.4” high. Front fork rake castor angle is 24 degree with 4.0” of trail. The fuel tank holds 2.0 gallons and fuel economy is measured at 71 miles per gallon. This WR250R is a completely different bike from, but inspired by the Yamaha motocross YZ250F and off road WR250F.

The brightly lit red WR250R rear brake tail light is bright for high visibility in traffic during street rides.

Large white Yamaha MX lower front fork guards protect the WR250R inner tubes from rocks and mud.

Yamaha WR250R dual sport enduro dirt bikes come standard with two very strong white engine guards.

Looking at the side view of the performance oriented Yamaha WR250R shows that this 250F dual sport motorcycle is a great choice for any motocross rider wanting to go directly from the road to the trail.

The WR250R comes from the Yamaha factory equipped with a Bridgestone Trail Wing TW-302 rear tire.

The Yamaha WR250R comes with a 50% street and 50% dirt Bridgestone Trail Wing TW-301 front tire.

WR250R dual sport bikes have tall and effective rear view mirrors for street riding in traffic situations.

The Yamaha WR250R rear shock suspension linkage provides 10.6 inches of travel in back of the bike.

WR250R’s steel motocross handlebars are very strong and Yamaha YZ MX shaped for great handling.

A super bright and clear front headlight on the WR250R has high and low beams for on and off road.

Yamaha WR250R front view.

Yamaha WR250R left side view.

Yamaha WR250R top view.

The WR250R has a great looking blue front fender that is both motocross worthy and street friendly.

The D.I.D. front wheel on the Yamaha WR250R is the standard MX motorcycle size of 21” x 1.60”.

For great added stopping power, the Yamaha WR250R rear brake has a 230 mm Wave rotor disc and a single piston hydraulic Nissin caliper with a factory installed rock and stone MX guard for protection.

The front forks on the Yamaha WR250R are fully adjustable 46 mm inverted KYB’s with 10.6” of travel.

The Yamaha WR250R has a great looking factory graphics kit with bold blue, black and white colors.

Yamaha WR250R’s feature a dual overhead cam 4-stroke single plated cylinder, 4 valve 250cc engine with two titanium intake valves and two steel exhaust valves and a high performance forged piston.

The WR250R has a 520 gauge drive chain and 43 tooth rear sprocket and 13 tooth front sprocket.

WR250R’s have an adequate sized MX rear fender, but also come with a large rear tail section for street rain splatter rider protection and nice looking amber turn signals which are very important for road riding.

Yamaha WR250R steering top triple clamps are cast aluminum while the lower triple clamps are forged.

Yamaha provides a strong cast aluminum rear swingarm on the high performance WR250R enduro bike.

Who can’t love this upward slanted sportbike style angled three chamber quiet and light exhaust muffler.

The WR250R header pipe exhaust has a sportbike type ECU controlled EXUP valve going into the muffler on the left behind the frame to produce a lot of low end torque with a nice broad powerband.

The full motocross style radiator shroud on the WR250R provides high air flow for maximum cooling.

The liquid cooled Yamaha WR250R engine has a single right side only mounted aluminum radiator.