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Yamaha TT-R50

Yamaha TT-R50

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The Yamaha TT-R50 dirt bike is an off-road motorcycle on the same level as the current Honda CRF50F, the past Honda XR50R and the discontinued Kawasaki KLX50 and Suzuki DRZ50 performance MX mini bikes. Listed below are all of the needed specs for the Yamaha TTR50 mini bike.

With a 49cc SOHC Single Overhead Cam four stroke single cylinder engine design, the Yamaha TT-R50 dirt bike is a motocross motorcycle with plenty of power and torque for woods and trail riding along with MX racing.

Designed for smaller child riders in closed course MX motocross racing competition, the Yamaha TT-R50 mini bike is a popular dirt bike for average size adults also for off-road fun as well as being a really a cool pit bike.

The Yamaha TT-R50 has a proven 3 speed transmission using an automatic centrifugal clutch that teaches new riders how to shift gears easily and learn the basics of off-road riding while not focusing on the clutch too much.

The air cooled 49cc motor in the Yamaha TT-R50 dirt bike has a fuel system equipped with an 11 mm Mikuni VM-type carburetor that ensures great throttle response and simple starting procedures in colder weather.

The Yamaha TT-R50 off-road motocross motorcycle has 80 mm drum brakes in the front and rear that provide excellent braking and quick stopping power for the heavy duty 10 inch spoke wheels with large strong hubs.

The seat height on the Yamaha TT-R50 is 21.9 inches for small dirt bike racers to feel comfortable on this great handling off-road motorcycle that turns sharp and gets low in dirt berms like the larger YZ250F and YZ450F.

The chain driven Yamaha TT-R50 MX motorcycle has a durable CDI ignition and the compression ratio of the powerful two valve 49cc engine is 9.5:1 and has a cylinder and piston bore and stroke of 36.0 mm x 48.6 mm.

The Yamaha TT-R50 exhaust system consists of an upswept single pipe and a large muffler on the rear right side similar to this BBR exhaust. The OEM exhaust silencer set up has a USFS approved spark arrestor inside.

The rear suspension on the Yamaha TT-R50 motorcycle chassis features a strong YZ style Monocross swingarm with a single coil over shock that provides 2.8 inches of travel with 5.3 inches of ground clearance.

The potent off-road suspension on the Yamaha TT-R50 mini MX bike has an awesome set of 22 mm inverted telescopic front forks that produces 3.8 inches of travel for soaking up jumps along with rough dirt terrain.

The tires on the Yamaha TT-R50 dirt bike are both front and rear 2.50-10 off-road motorcycle style with inner tubes. The folding style foot pegs and foot controls are large and cleated for great reliable grip and sure footing.

The 126 lbs Yamaha TT-R50 mini bike has a large fuel tank that holds .82 gallons of gas for a long session of off-road motorcycle riding or motocross racing on a race track for a lot of MX action between gasoline fill ups.

Here are the overall dimensions of the Yamaha TT-R50 off-road dirt bike. The length is 51.4 inches and the wheelbase is 36.4 inches. The height is 31.3 inches and the width is 23.4 inches. You can easily see how the size of this motorcycle makes it a popular motocross mini bike for riders of all shapes and sizes for practicing MX dirt skills. Along with the Yamaha TT-R50, other Yamaha TT-R motorcycle models include the Yamaha TT-R70, Yamaha TT-R110, Yamaha TT-R125 and Yamaha TT-R230 off-road trail bike for woods riding.

Here is a great video of a Yamaha TT-R50 mini bike being ridden and tested by a young motocross racer.

The Yamaha TT-R50 Mini Bike is a 50cc dirt bike made in Japan that has very similar looks and design to full size Yamaha motocross motorcycles with durability, performance and are fun to ride. The Yamaha TT-R50 Mini Bike is also often called and sometimes known as the Yamaha TTR50, Yamaha TTR 50 and Yamaha TT-R 50. With many variations on the model, the technical OEM model name from the Japanese factory is Yamaha TT-R50. The current model has electric start and is called the Yamaha TT-R50E. This is a performance 50cc Yamaha motorcycle and is very different than the smaller Yamaha PW50 Mini Bike.