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Yamaha R6

Yamaha R6

Yamaha’s 3rd generation R6 sportbike seen here was first sold in the 2006 motorcycle model year.

The popular black color option was made available to R6 buyers that wanted a sportbike the was different than the factory Yamaha motorcycle racing blue color that is standard on all YZF-R6’s.

With awesome accent colors and graphics and matching wheels, all production R6 Yamaha sportbikes look amazing and it’s hard to find a better looking street bike in all of motorcycling today.

This awesome orange color is a great motorcycle color variation of the Yamaha R6 600 Sportbike.

Weighing in at a super light 360 pounds and 130 hp, this Yamaha YZF-R6 has an incredible power to weight ratio relatively compared to any sportbike motorcycle of any size on the road today.

The distinctive look of the Yamaha R6 motorcycle features a large front Ram Air induction intake between the front headlights that increases horsepower and torque making this sportbike very fast!

With improved high tech upside down inverted Kayaba KYB front forks, the Yamaha R6 is super smooth to ride and can handle being raced hard on the track or on the back roads of any sportbike motorcyclists favorite sportriding area or fast section of a tight twisty street course.

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The actual engine displacement on the Yamaha R6 sportbike is 599cc making this lightweight motorcycle turn with ease with very little rider input to make this street bike carve the tight turns.

The super light feel and high performance engine in the Yamaha R6 is a favorite among AMA Supersport racers and street oriented sportbike motorcycle riders and enthusiasts everywhere. 

The current model Yamaha R6 sportbike shown here is the 3rd generation YZF-R6 motorcycle with many improvements over the 2nd generation R6 with more usable power, all new chassis frame design geometry, fuel injection, wider rear wheel and new stylish bodywork for the 2006-2014 R6.

The Yamaha R6 was the first production 600cc sportbike motorcycle to make 100 hp in stock form! The 1999-2002 is the 1st generation R6. The 2003-2005 is the 2nd generation R6. The 2006-2014 is the 3rd generation R6. The Yamaha R6S in 2006-2009 was a relabeled 2nd generation R6 while the 3rd generation R6 was also selling and available at the same time in motorcycle dealerships.

With the stiffer new R6 chassis, Yamaha wanted to improve upon an already sharp turning R6 and produce a sportbike the was known to be the absolute best handling motorcycle in the industry!

The Yamaha R6 has a very sleek rear tail section which is the last thing you will see after being passed on a race track at high speed by this top rated YZF-R6 sportbike motorcycle from Yamaha.

Proud member of the AMA American Motorcyclist Association

For a fun ride on your favorite stretch of road or even on the 600cc AMA Supersport racing series, the ever popular Yamaha R6 is a motorcycle that is hard to beat with aggressive styling, cutting edge chassis technology and a liquid cooled DOHC 4 cylinder motor that revs to 14,500 rpm!

This awesome Yamaha R6 video below shows just how amazing and fun this incredible sportbike motorcycle really is carving up the back roads with great power, speed and handling performance.

Thanks again to the amazing and stunning R6 Moto Girl Katherine for sharing these awesome photos of her and her incredible black Yamaha R6. They are such a beautiful and perfect match up together!

The Yamaha R6 sportbike is one of the most popular stunt bikes and road racing bikes available.

The incredibly light and nimble Yamaha R6 is a sportbike rider’s dream for non-stop fun all day.

Any Yamaha R6 rider will tell you that this 600cc sportbike is the most comfortable on the market.

Many road racers starting out choose the Yamaha R6 as their first track motorcycle and have great results and success using this powerful and well balanced superior 600cc Supersport race bike.

The Yamaha R6 Sportbike Motorcycle was introduced to the motorcycling world in 1999 and was an instant hit on the streets and on the race track with it’s sharp cornering and superior handling. The many stunning available colors of this bike are a crowd favorite on the street and race track. When Yamaha brought the R6 into the sportbike motorcycling arena, many things changed in the 600cc motorcycle market with the R6’s ground breaking technology. When Yamaha debuted this Supersport class production race bike, it shaped the future of the 600cc class and put all of the major japanese motorcycle manufacturers to work to build a 600 street bike motorcycle with this much power along with a nimble and strong chassis in a package that riders could only dream of. Below you will find all of the important Yamaha R6 specifications and information.

Thanks to the lovely and beautiful Katherine for the amazing photos of her and her Yamaha R6 together.

Featured here is a 50th Anniversary yellow Yamaha R6 in mint condition with Akrapovic exhaust.

The stunning yellow Yamaha R6 always looks amazing in any sportbike motorcycle group photo.

For a first time sportbike rider, the R6 is no doubt the best choice with great handling, power and brakes.

This great 50th Anniversary badge on the yellow 2006 Yamaha R6 really compliments this 600cc bike.

Next you’ll see a current generation white Yamaha R6

Pictured here is a red and white Yamaha R6 along with a YZF-R6 on the race track.

This beautiful black Yamaha R6 sportbike looks great with red trim details throughout the entire motorcycle.

Pictured here is a red and black Yamaha R6 that reveals an aggressive look along the bodywork’s race lines.

This is an original first generation red, white and black Yamaha R6 introduced in 1999 now called the R6S .