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Timonium Indoor Short Track Races

Timonium Indoor Short Track Races

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The video above shows a racers view while on the track at the famous Timonium Indoor Flat Track race, while the video below shows a fans perspective sitting in the bleachers at the Cow Palace watching.

There are many ways to prepare a racing motorcycle for the Timonium Indoor Short Track. The best way is to use a full size four stroke MX bike and add 19 inch wheels which is then called a DTX race bike. The early original most popular wheel size on a DTX race bike is 2.15x19 for the front wheel with a 27.0x7.0 front tire and then using a 2.50x19 rear wheel with a 27.5x7.5 rear tire. Other current popular optional front wheels are a 2.50x19, 2.75x19 & 3.00x19. Some optional rear wheel sizes commonly used are 2.75x19, 3.00x19 & 3.50x19. The narrower rim bends and pulls the tire tread profile over sharper with a better rounded feel for improved cornering to lean the bike over even further. Popular front & rear short track racing tires used by flat tracker racers are Dunlop DT3 and Maxxis DTR-1 M7302 tires offered in CD3 soft compound and CD5 medium compound for varying grip, sliding characteristics and longevity choices.

This page was put together to honor the memory of Chris Klinefelter #99s who was co-creator of deals4twowheels.com which turned into motorcycling-online.com. Chris was one of the most skilled and fastest riders at the track and performed at a top level for all of the fans at the Timonium Indoors races.

#11L Ethan Lewter above tearing up the track on his Honda CRF150R.

#71 Donnie Mullen shows the other racers how the pro’s do it.

The Timonium Indoor Short Track Races take place inside of the Cow Palace at the Maryland State Fairgrounds on a finished concrete surface inside of a plywood wall lined fast oval track. This exciting tight motorcycle flat track racing series is put together by the Cockeysville Optimist Club and the Baltimore County Trail Riders Association BCTRA and sanctioned by the AMA along with District 7. The 2017 races were held on Saturday December 9th and Saturday December 16th. The main races are later in the day and extend into the evening, but you can get there early in the middle of the day and watch a lot of great practice action as racers slide sideways while getting close to the walls. For some great family fun with awesome food and drinks, mark your calender for these indoor dirt track style races located just south of Hunt Valley MD. Most of the motorcycles that race in the Timonium Indoor Short Track Races are modern motocross race bikes converted to flat track bikes by lowering the suspension, removing the front brakes and mounting special compound tires on 17” wheels on the smaller class bikes and 19” wheels on the bigger racing bikes. The locals have always affectionately called this race the Timonium Indoors for many decades. The riders compete on many different size two stroke and four stroke motorcycles competing in Youth, Women and Adult Expert and Pro A class, Amateur B class, Novice C class, Open, Sport and Sportsman classes with age classes ranging from 25+, 30+, 40+ Senior and 50+ Super Senior class. The motorcycles range from 50cc & 80cc mini bikes, to mid sized 100cc & 150cc dirt bikes along with the larger sized full MX race bikes such as 125cc, 250cc, 250F & 450F along with Vintage and Twins bikes on major motorcycle brands including Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha, Suzuki, Triumph, Harley Davidson, Bultaco, KTM, Cobra, Husqvarna and BSA. You’ll see a few older style traditional “framer” motorcycles from the early days when the late world famous local racer Gary Nixon competed in this racing series. These races are always held in honor of Gary Nixon, Rodney Farris and Chris Klinefelter. Top racers that you will see racing at the Timonium Indoors in no particular order include Jason Isennock, Nick Henderson, Cory Strickler, Donnie Mullen, Mike Poe, Cameron Smith, Kevin Bills, Dalton Gauthier, Jason Cunningham, Justin Bender, Cory Texter, Joey Alexander, Colton Smith, Jason Shoemaker, Dillon Cava, Matt Langrehr, Zach Mullen, Todd Batts, John Henderson, Taylor White, Austin Wherley, Tyler Eggleton, Brandon Price, Jedediah Haines, Kyle McGrane, Samantha Bergman, Scotty Clark, TJ Irvin, Dereck Hersh, Paul Lynch, Jesse Long, Anthony Crabbe, Scott Mullen, Joe Schuler, Jason Cole, Jerry Alexander, Colin Cunningham, Nicole Henderson, Georgie Price V, Frankie Valentin, Brandon McFadden, Lisa Niner, Austin Greenland, Melanie Siegel, Henry Mangels, Phil Libhart, John Schwatka, Cody Bauer, Samantha Cavanaugh, Tyler Mullen, Rich Mellinger, Damian Kocovinos, Keegan Greer, Justin Haag, Christopher Hathaway, Jeremy Orr, Samantha Resch, Rob Smith, Ryan Dragunas, Mike Sponseller, Billy Sody, Ethan Lewter, Mark Sturdevant, Sean Simmons, Matt Trout, Lowell Wherley, Chase Smith, Bill Kraft, Brandon Kreeger and many more. Two famous flat track families always in attendance are the Henderson's and the Mullen’s. You’ll see big race sponsors there such as Highs Dairy Stores, Carroll Motor Fuels, Motorcycle Superstore branded Bell helmets and Horsepower HP by Brett Friedel. Popular brands and products that riders wear are Arai VX-Pro helmets, Alpinestars Tech Series boots & race wear, Answer protective gear & race apparel and Sidi race boots. The race event officials and race direction include racers Greg Boutwell, Brett Friedel and Wayne Sody. All of the many starting line photos, racetrack photos and race pit photos below were taken at this popular race event by a Motorcycling Online motorsports racing photographer. Thank you for viewing our Timonium Indoors webpage, you may see a few photos of yourself here and also at our Timonium Flat Track Racing Outdoor page, enjoy!

Racers getting close to and contacting the plywood walls is a big part of the racing action here.

#37A Cory Strickler goes down deep in the corner.

#30S TJ Irvin on Jason Isennock’s race bike.

#26 Damian Kocovinos never misses an Indoor race.

Racers lining up in the staging area.

A Yamaha YZ450F race ready for sale in the pits.

#29 Nick Henderson on a framer bike.

#65 Cory Texter always shows his raw racing talent.

#29 Nick Henderson getting extremely low on his Honda CRF450R.

#15 Matt Langrehr goes for a pass on the outside on his Kawasaki KX250F.

Race bike being prepped for racing in the pits at the Timonium Indoors.

#36 John Schwatka takes a spill on his 450cc Honda, but quickly gets right back up to continue racing.

#35 Justin Bender heads out onto the race track.

Cory Texter gets sideways on a Honda CRF150R.

#37A Cory Strickler’s HP by Brett Friedel Honda CRF450R race bike in the pits at the Timonium Indoors.

Pro racer #37A Cory Strickler backing it in with style.

#1 Rush Branson knee dragging in the Adult 50cc class on his Honda CRF50F.

#86 Rich Mellinger’s Yamaha YZ450F.

Crowd favorite Cory Texter here riding #38 Melanie Siegel’s Honda CRF race bike sliding sideways at speed.

#71 Donnie Mullen chasing down the competition on his Honda CRF450R on the Cow Palace smooth polished concrete at the world famous Timonium Indoor Flat Track racing series event.

#46s Frankie Valentin rolling out on his Suzuki RM-Z450.

#71 Donnie Mullen flying here on a Honda CRF150R.

#22a Dereck Hersh on his Suzuki RM-Z250.

A true legend at the Timonium Indoors is #57 Bill Kraft from the Baltimore County Trail Riders.

#38 Melanie Siegel entering a turn at the Timonium Indoor Flat Track Race on her Honda CRF150F wearing her famous signature Arai VX-Pro3 Scott Russell Screaming Chief motocross helmet.

#35 Justin Bender inspects his Kawasaki KX450F before a race in the staging area.

#24 Zach Mullen going super fast as always on his Honda CRF250R.

#69 Rob Smith dominating in the Vintage class.

#11a Austin Wherley at full power on his Kawasaki KX250F.

This wide shot of the Cow Palace gives a great perspective of the Timonium Indoor race.

Thanks to all of the racers and fans for supporting our website and doing business with our sponsors.

All respect goes to Gary Nixon with his long history at the Timonium Indoors.

The beginning of winter always marks the start of the Timonium Indoors racing events schedule.

#14 Joey Alexander is always blazing fast on his Honda CRF450R.

Check out this rare Honda Twin Traditional Framer race bike.

Pictured above is a cool vintage Harley Davidson 2 stroke flat track bike.

#29 Nick Henderson is know for his Aluminum Silver Arai VX-Pro3 helmet.

#12 Phil Libhart is a very talented Pro AMA Hillclimber that is also a wicked fast short track racer in the 450cc class on his Yamaha YZ450F at the Cow Palace track.

#30S TJ Irvin flies around the Timonium oval with ease on a Honda CRF450R.

#1 Rush Branson’s highly modified Honda CRF50F features an Ohlins rear shock.

Two riders remount their race bikes in the 150cc class after tangling in a turn.

#65 Cory Texter rides a wheelie across the finish line on his Honda CRF150R.

The famous DeWalt battery drill powered bike makes it’s debut at the Timonium Indoor races.

#95S Ryan Henderson gives the Timonium crowd a show with his incredible speed.

Riders go in and out of the chute before and after each race.

#29 John Henderson on his 2 stroke Honda CR125.

A rider steps off of his motorcycle in the apex of a turn in a pack of bikes.

The use of tire warmers is very important in the Timonium racing pits before and in between races.

#58 Mark Sturdevant has a super clean Yamaha YZ250F.

Spectators always enjoy watching the mini bike youth classes seeing the future racing stars emerge.

The Timonium Indoors racers are a close knit group that shares everything from bikes, parts & tires to race advice and strategies.

This mean Monster Energy Kawasaki is ready to go out on the Timonium concrete oval.

The Youth class racers always show a lot of style in their race set up.

Pictured here is an amazing rare Rotax framer flat track race bike.

#29 Nick Henderson along with a few other riders were seen getting down to footpeg dragging lean angles.

The popular Honda CRF150R MX racing bike is easily transformed into a potent and very capable flat track motorcycle with 17x2.75 wheels front and rear with matching Maxxis DTR-1 M7302 CD5 medium compound 120/70-17 dirt track tires for both Youth and Adult indoor race classes at the famous Timonium motorcycle races. Excel Takasago 2.50x17 and 3.00x17 wheels can also be used.

#71 Donnie Mullen and #29 Nick Henderson battle it out inside the Maryland State Fairgrounds Cow Palace.

A piece of carpet taped to the riders inside left boot is the key for smoothly sliding on the Cow Palace concrete floor deep in the turns as seen on #29 Nick Henderson above and #71 Donnie Mullen below.

A thick sweat jacket over top of riding gear helps with the cold weather even indoors at the Timonium races.

If you look close, you will be able to see Nick Henderson’s footpeg touching the ground in this photo.

Going into the turn sideways helps the racers set up to apply full throttle as they exit the turn smoothly.

Many racers at the Timonium Indoors share a similar sliding style and learn from each other.

Maneuvering safely around and past the tires on the inside line at full speed is very important at Timonium.

Modern flat track bikes and older traditional framers line up together ready for some race track fun.

For comparison, you’ll see Melanie Siegel from Edgewood Maryland on her similar Honda CRF150F.

You’ll see Japanese MX race bikes at the Timonium races like the Kawasaki 4-stroke KX below and European MX bikes converted into short track racers like the KTM 2-stroke and Husqvarna TC450 4-stroke seen above.

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