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Timonium Flat Track Racing

Timonium Flat Track Racing

The Timonium Short Track races showcase plenty of great 2-stroke mini bike youth racing classes.

A group of flat track racers prepare to go out on the track for some fun and exciting sideways race action at the Timonium Outdoors Short Track Series during a Gary Nixon Memorial Race organized by BCTRA.

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The starting line at the Timonium Flat Track Races is really awesome to watch as the fast guys line up.

Jason Isennock #30s exits the corner into the straightaway flawlessly at the Timonium outdoors track.

The talented, fast and respected Mullen Racing Team/Family get their race bike ready at Timonium.

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The video below features some great flat track racing at the famous Timonium MD Outdoors race track.

Samantha Cavanaugh #7s is a fast flat tracker on her Yamaha TTR125 and is a favorite at Timonium.

The nimble 4-stroke 150cc air cooled Honda CRF150F is also a great choice among these dirt trackers.

Scott Mullen #24 of Mullen Racing is a hardcore racer with many wins in his classes at Timonium MD.

At the Timonium Flat Track races Cameron Smith #15 from Coatesville PA has amazing results usually winning his race classes as he gets low sliding sideways on his fast Honda CRF450R race bike.

Dirt Track racers are seriously ready to race when the Timonium Short Track Series opens for practice.

A full size flat track race bike is lowered and set up a specific way. A common, current and very popular way is to use a base model stock 4-stroke motocross motorcycle and install 19 inch wheels which is known as a DTX Conversion race bike. Front fork travel is lowered approximately 125mm and the rear shock travel is lowered approximately 75mm with both front and rear suspension having stiffer compression and rebound dampening. Two popular companies that perform this important critical suspension service are Durelle Racing and Race Tech Suspension. The early original most widely used wheel sizes on a DTX racing motorcycle was a 2.15x19 front wheel using a 27.0x7.0 front tire and a 2.50x19 rear wheel using a 27.5x7.5 rear tire. Current racers are using some of the wider sizes listed next. The optional front wheel sizes available are 2.50x19, 2.75x19 and 3.00x19. The other optional rear wheel sizes available are 2.75x19, 3.00x19 and 3.50x19. The wheels are made with rim, spoke and hub companies such as Excel, Sun Rims, Haan, Talon, SM Pro, DID, Bulldog and Buchanan’s. The advantage of a narrower rim was to bend or pull the tire tread profile around sharper for a more rounded feel and better cornering to lean the bike over better. Current front and rear hard pack dirt track racing tires used by flat trackers are the Maxxis DTR-1 M7302 tires available in CD3 soft compound or CD5 medium compound for different track conditions and surface grip.

Jason Isennock #30s and TJ Irvin #77 have some fun in practice with some close fast racing action.

The #30 Vintage Triumph Twin above is currently raced by Jason Isennock and the #99s below is raced by Joey Alexander. The #99s bike honors the late Chris Klinefelter who was fast on Vintage Triumphs.

The popular Dalton Gauthier #14a is a crowd favorite getting his Yamaha YZ450F sideways with ease.

The super fast Cory Strickler #37a passes around on the outside on his awesome Honda CRF450R.

The motorcycle racing pits are truly a fun family racing atmosphere at the Timonium Flat Track Races.

This page is dedicated to the memory of Chris Klinefelter #99s the co-founder of deals4twowheels.com which evolved into motorcycling-online.com. Chris was one of the fastest and most talented flat track racers around and amazed fans for many years racing at the Timonium Indoors and Outdoors races.

The fast and popular Jason Isennock #30s gets sideways in the loose stuff on the outside of the racing line above and dives in deep sideways below on the inside of a racer at the Timonium Outdoor track.

These famous and popular vintage Triumph twin cylinder motorcycles put on quite a show at Timonium.

Brandon Price #92 is blazing fast at the Timonium Flat Track races and is fun to watch on his modified Kawasaki KX250F. Brandon is the son of the famous fast talented Pro dirt track racer Georgie Price.

Mike Poe #83s on his High’s / Carroll Motor Fuels Honda CRF450R gets sideways with great pro style.

Ethan Lewter #11L heads out to the track on his Honda CRF150R at the Timonium Flat Track Races.

A very popular flat track race bike at the Timonium Short Track Series for youth and adult classes is the 150cc liquid cooled Honda CRF150R 4-stroke using Sun Rims 2.75x17 front and rear wheels using Haan hubs with Maxxis DTR-1 M7302 CD5 medium compound 120/70-17 tires. Other wheel size options are Excel Takasago narrower 2.50x17 and wider 3.00x17 and 3.50x17 rims.

Race classes for District 7 Dirt Track Outdoor Racing include 50cc Shaft Drive 4-8 years old, 50cc Chain Drive 4-8 years old, 65cc 7-11 years old, 85cc 7-11 years old, 85cc 12-15 years old, Youth 100cc 12-15 years old, Women’s class, Adult 0-150cc 4-stroke 16 years old and up, 125cc 2-stroke / 86cc-150cc 4-stroke liquid cooled 12 years old and up, 250cc B class 12 years old and up, 250cc A / B Pro Sport / Sportsman (No Pro’s), Open B class 251cc and up, 450cc Sportsman B class, Open A class 251cc and up, Open Sportsman Pro 251cc and up (No B class riders), Open Twins / Vintage A and B class 14 years old and up, 500cc 2-valve, 30+ years old, 40+ years old and 50+ years old.

Check out this cool race prepped Yamaha YZ450F dirt tracker seen at a Timonium Outdoors race event.

Mike Poe #83s hammers out of a turn at full power on his mighty 4-stroke Honda dirt track race bike.

Nick Henderson #29 goes wide sideways as he demonstrates his one of a kind smooth sliding race style.

Colton Smith #38 from Jarrettsville MD is seriously fast on his Suzuki at every Timonium Flat Track race.

Timonium Flat Track racers like the smooth Cory Strickler #37a from Delta PA are great competitors.

Check out Melanie Siegel #38 from Edgewood MD and her famous Scott Russell “Screaming Chief” Arai VX-Pro3 helmet as she puts her fast Honda CRF150F to work ripping up the Timonium Outdoor track.

Nick Henderson #29 and Colton Smith #38 roll through the turns together sideways at the world famous Timonium Outdoor oval dirt race track on their big 450cc race bikes for some friendly fun competition!

The always entertaining Nick Henderson #29 rides a classic wheelie on the way to the starting line on his Honda CRF150F as the crowd anticipates which cool trick Nick will pull off after leaving the staging area.

Ryan Henderson and Nick Henderson from the famous Henderson Racing family from New Freedom PA put on a great show together at the Timonium dirt track doing some really fast laps with Ryan leading.

The Honda CRF150R dirt trackers above are very similar except that the bike on the left has been lowered and the CRF150R on the right is at standard OEM suspension height from the Honda factory.

A true legend at the Timonium motorcycle races is Bill Kraft #57 from BCTRA on his framer style flat track bike which is the traditional vintage configuration dirt tracker from the past and is frequently raced.

Damian Kocovinos #26 from Lutherville MD is well known and is seen racing at every Timonium Short Track race usually dominating the 40+ racing class on his custom Honda CRF450R flat track motorcycle.

Anthony Crabbe #38 powers through the pack on his mighty Suzuki RMZ450 at the Timonium Outdoors.

Timonium Flat Tracking was treated to a return of the famous Pro AMA Hillclimber Phil Libhart #11a.

Samantha Resch #3 is always fast on her Kawasaki in the Women’s and 150cc classes at Timonium.

Michael Sponseller also made a surprise return to dirt tracking at Timonium after taking a few years off.

Jeremy Orr #22a is well known to racers and fans alike for being on the gas hard screaming his awesome Kawasaki KX125 2-stroke dirt track DTX race bike around the Timonium Outdoor race track .

The crazy fast racer Dereck Hersh is known for shredding the Timonium Short Track dirt on his Honda.

Colin Cunningham #29a throws his Suzuki dirt track bike sideways at speed at the Timonium short track.

A Timonium race track favorite is expert rider Jesse Long #63A seen here railing out of a turn with style.

Lowell Wherley #28 from York PA rules the 50+ and 40+ race classes at Timonium on his clean Suzuki.

Expert Kevin Bills #13 from Gordonville PA slides around the outside at Timonium on his mean Suzuki.

A popular racer in the 150cc race class at Timonium is Billy Sody #72 on his Honda CRF150R race bike.

Matthew Langrehr #15 from Sparks MD has his Kawasaki wide open in a turn on the hard Timonium dirt.

Phil Libhart leads Damian Kocovinos around the inside in 40+ at the Timonium Short Track Series races.

Sean Simmons #61 of Towson MD keeps his Kawasaki super clean ready for Timonium racing action.

With Timonium Short Track Racing underway Sean Simmons #61 easily slides past the 30+ competition.

National Champion Brandon Price #92 rolls on the throttle as he chases Jesse Long #63A at Timonium.

Brandon Price #92 is sponsored by the famous Don’s Kawasaki who is a big part of the Timonium races.

The Timonium Short Track is known for plenty of flying dirt as Cameron Smith #15 demonstrates here.

The bright Aluminum Silver Arai VX-Pro3 helmet is Nick Henderson #29’s trademark at Timonium races.

Check out Austin Wherley #11a accelerating hard out of a turn at Timonium on his Kawasaki 4-stroke.

Scotty Clark #37a charges his Honda down the straightaway at Timonium next to Anthony Crabbe #38.

Colton Smith gets sideways on his Bromley’s sponsored Suzuki alongside of Bill Kraft #57 from BCTRA. 

The seasoned expert Short Track racers at the famous Timonium oval concentrate on the starting line.

Bringing a couple of race bikes to the Timonium motorcycle races is a very common sight in the pits.

The 150cc CRF150R 4-stroke was designed to race and replace the 85cc 2-stroke motocross mini class bike, but is popular with adults racing them at Timonium and many other Short Track races nationwide.

Timonium Flat Track Racing has a long history from the famous Indoors to Outdoors. The Timonium Flat Track Racing Series includes two types of motorcycle racing on two entirely different size tracks and racing surfaces. The Outdoor Short Track features a tightly packed sand oval dirt track in the larger horse ring, while the Indoors is raced in the Cow Palace on polished smooth concrete. Both are located at the Maryland State Fairgrounds and the home of the late great motorcycle racer Gary Nixon. These races are intense to watch and are sanctioned by the AMA and District 7. The Baltimore County Trail Riders Association and The Cockeysville Optimist Club do a great job of putting these exciting events together so be sure to check it out for some sideways sliding awesome motorcycle racing also known as Dirt Track racing or Dirt Tracking. These motorcycle races are held just south of Hunt Valley MD. The 2017 dates for the Outdoor Short Track Races are Friday July 21, Friday August 4, Friday August 11 and Friday August 18. Sign up is at 3 pm, practice is at 5 pm and racing begins at 7 pm. The opening round on July 21 is the 3rd Annual Gary Nixon Invitational Race that Flat Track Pro racers from all around the country show up and race for the $2,250 is cash winnings. It is an amazing race to attend and watch!

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