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The Suzuki DRZ400S Dual Sport motorcycle sets the standard for enduro street bike and off road riding with a wildly appealing power delivery and handling plus it’s light weight. The Suzuki DRZ400 motorcycle is a very popular bike in the motorcycling community. The DRZ is available in many different configurations and options such as the DRZ400 Dirt Bike, DRZ400E Electric Start Off Road Cycle, DRZ400S Dual Sport Street Bike and the awesome DRZ400SM Supermoto Motard Motorcycle. This clean blue 2007 DRZ400S belongs to Dylan Klein of SoCal.

Here are some important specifications. The Suzuki DRZ400 engine is a very compact designed 398cc, DOHC, liquid-cooled, dry-sump engine that produces strong low RPM power and torque. Its four valve cylinder head features large 36 mm intake valves and 29 mm exhaust valves help produce broad, tractable street and dirt bike motorcycle power and torque ready for any on road or off road terrain while remaining comfortable. You’ll find many important Suzuki DRZ400S specs here.

The Suzuki DRZ400 motorcycle shown here is the fully street legal DRZ400S Dual Sport version. This model comes standard with electric start, turn signals, hi and low beam headlight and street and dirt tires for the best of both worlds in motorcycling.

The DRZ400 motorcycle from Suzuki features a narrow frame that combines thin chrome moly steel tubes for exceptional torsional rigidity with minimal weight. A bolt on rear aluminum subframe helps reduce weight and simplify motorcycle maintenance.

The DRZ400S Dual Sport is a lightweight, compact designed motorcycle that provides crisp handling in tight trails to wide open street back roads. Its advanced front and rear suspension soaks up everything a rider can dish out.

The Suzuki DRZ400S Dual Sport motorcycle is also available in this Supermoto DRZ400SM set up direct from Suzuki. Both are popular models, but this variation also seen on the KLX page is a lot more street oriented with street bike tire tread and softer rubber.

The popular Suzuki DRZ400, DRZ400E, DRZ400S and DRZ400SM motorcycles aim to fulfill any expectations anyone involved in motorcycling needs with outstanding performance and durability. The video below shows a DRZ400S Dual Sport out on the street and back roads having some fun!

Suzuki DRZ400S Dual Sport

Having a Suzuki DRZ400S on the street or dirt inspires a desire for some serious motorcycle fun!

The Suzuki DRZ400S sounds great with a street version Yoshimura RS-3 Comp Series Stainless Steel Exhaust Muffler Slip on.

The stock OEM yellow Suzuki DRZ400S motorcycle in stock configuration is street or dirt worthy and ready for action even when you ride off the Suzuki dealer showroom floor!

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Suzuki DRZ400S Dual Sport

Dylan Klein of Carlsbad California keeps this cool blue 2007 Suzuki DRZ400S clean on the street until it’s time for some off road action, then it’s Dual Sport capabilities are truly pushed to the limits.

The DRZ backbone frame tube, front down tube and steering head gussets form the dry sump engine oil tank that holds almost two quarts of engine oil to keep it cool while high wear street riding. The durable off road Suzuki DRZ400S Dual Sport motorcycle is built to last!

The Suzuki DRZ400S’s liquid cooled four stroke engine has plenty of power and great throttle response on the street and dirt, offering a motorcycle that is hard to resist for many motorcycling situations involving pure raw fun! You can this awesome bike on the street to the MX riding area.

A simple tire swap from dual sport tires to full DOT street legal knobbies is all it takes to turn the streetable Suzuki DRZ400S into an off road dirt bike ready to ride rough terrain and deep sand.

Whether it’s in full dirt trim or set up for street, the DRZ400S is the most versatile bike on the road!

Every motorcycle rider truly needs to ride and own a Suzuki DRZ400 dual sport street and dirt bike.

The Suzuki DRZ400S seen below has been converted into Supermoto using pre-made Warp 9 wheels.