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Suzuki DRZ400SM Supermoto

Suzuki DRZ400SM Supermoto

For the Supermoto DRZ400SM bike, Suzuki has equipped this motorcycle with a 3.50x17 front wheel and a 120/70R-17 tube type radial front tire. The rear wheel is a 4.50x17 with a stock OEM tube type radial 140/70R-17 size rear tire. It is commonly replaced with a 150/60R-17 or a 160/60R-17 size performance sportbike tire or an SM rated tire which heats up faster for Supermoto riding with less of a load rating and a softer rubber compound for better grip on all types of streetbike road riding surfaces.

The Supermoto Suzuki DRZ400SM has a measured frame ground clearance of 10.2 inches or 260mm.

The overall length of Suzuki’s DRZ400SM bike is 87.6 inches which translates into metric at 2225mm. The overall wheelbase measuring from front axle center to rear axle center is 57.5 inches or 1460mm.

Suzuki DRZ400SM Supermoto motorcycles come from the factory with a large rear fender extension for catching rain and a square tail light that is commonly removed and replaced with a fender elimination kit.

The weight of the Suzuki DRZ400SM ready to ride full of all vital fluids and lubricants is 321lbs or 146kg.

The light and powerful motor in the Supermoto DRZ400SM made by Suzuki has an engine cylinder bore and stroke that measures 90.0mm x 62.6mm in metric which translates into 3.54 inches x 2.44 inches. The smooth shifting transmission is a constant mesh 5 speed gear box that puts the power firmly to the ground with a 110 link RK520KZO durable built to last and strong O-ring street bike motorcycle chain.

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The famous Supermoto Suzuki DRZ400SM motorcycle has a high performance single cylinder 4-stroke 398cc engine that has dual overhead cams (DOHC) and is liquid cooled for serious street performance.

Brody Symonds from Denver Colorado owns this awesome Suzuki DRZ400SM Supermoto motorcycle and you’ll see from the photos below how he transformed this popular stock OEM white to custom black.

The Suzuki DRZ400SM’s super reliable and very durable 400 engine has a compression ratio of 11.3:1.

The fuel capacity of the Suzuki DRZ400SM is 2.6 US gallons including reserve for hours of Supermoto fun on the road race track or out on the back roads outrunning sportbikes in the tight turns all day long. The fuel delivery system uses a very efficient single Mikuni BSR36mm constant velocity CV carburetor.

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The Suzuki DRZ400SM Supermoto video below shows a walk around of the stock OEM current model.

The Supermoto Suzuki DRZ400SM comes equipped with powerful front and rear hydraulic disc brakes.

The Suzuki DRZ400SM has high tech Supermoto suspension that includes coil spring suspended telescopic inverted front forks that have fully adjustable compression and rebound oil dampening for fine tuning. The link style rear suspension has a large coil spring shock that is dampened by internal oil. The OEM Supermoto rear swingarm is wider than the similar Suzuki DRZ400S model street bike motorcycle.

All Suzuki DRZ400SM Supermoto’s have a very comfortable seat height of 35.0 inches or 890mm in metric compared to the similar but taller dual sport street off road base Suzuki DRZ400S motorcycle.

This black Suzuki DRZ400SM bike has a rare graphic kit featuring Las Vegas Nevada unique artwork.

Ryan Glenn keeps his black Suzuki DRZ400SM Supermoto motorcycle extra clean and ready for a ride.

This Suzuki DRZ400SM with a graphics kit is a true Supermoto bike, but sometimes called Supermotard.

Graphic kits have stickers for fenders, gas tank, radiator shrouds and swingarm on Suzuki DRZ400SM’s.

The following Suzuki DRZ400SM factory Supermoto motorcycle belongs to wheelie king Ryan Glenn.

Suzuki DRZ400SM graphics kits are very popular in the Supermoto bike world and many are available.

This Supermoto Suzuki DRZ400SM cycle in black is a fine example of graphics placement possibilities.

The Suzuki DRZ400SM Supermoto motorcycle is a unique concept of a dirt bike for the street. When the Suzuki DRZ400SM Supermoto bike was first introduced to the motorcycling community in 2005, it changed the riding industry with an OEM purpose built dedicated street bike with sportbike size wheels and tires and was based off of the very popular DRZ400S dual sport road and MX style dirt bike.