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Ryan Villopoto

Ryan Villopoto

The year 2011 brought Ryan Villopoto great rewards and success. Ryan won the AMA World Supercross Championship and the AMA World Motocross Championship Title on his awesome Monster Energy Kawasaki KX450F race bike. In 2012 RV won the AMA World Supercross Title. Ryan Villopoto had a great year in 2013 when he won both the AMA World Supercross Championship and the AMA World Motocross Championship Titles again! Ryan won the 2014 Supercross Championship after a great season on the big indoor SX tracks. Ryan’s hard work training and practicing really paid off well with those really inspiring race results.

Ryan Villopoto races with his famous #2 number plates and his current racing teammate at Kawasaki also on a KX450F is Jake Weimer on the #12 bike. These top level motorcycle racers take their jobs racing very seriously while also having some fun times at the race track and under the Monster Energy Drink Kawasaki Factory tent.

Always a crowd true favorite, Ryan Villopoto has many adoring racing fans across the globe for good reason!

A long day at the race track on his Kawasaki KX450F is always fun for everyone involved at Monster Energy.

Ryan Villopoto is very grateful to his many key supporters and racing sponsors like Atlas Brace Technologies.

Ryan Villopoto is the true definition of a real MX racing champion. He started his professional motorcycle race career racing for Pro Circuit Kawasaki in 2006 by winning the AMA Outdoor Motocross 250 Lites Championship Title in his rookie year. In 2007 Ryan won the AMA Supercross Lites West Title on a KX250F along with the AMA Motocross Lites Title that same year. In 2008 RV won the Outdoor National 250 Lites Championship.

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Ryan Villopoto’s Monster Energy Kawasaki race bike seen here is a highly modified KX450F. You can buy the same bike in stock configuration at your local motorcycle dealership for some serious MX and SX racing fun.

Ryan Villopoto also known as RV is a very personable racer and super cool at the track, in the pits and at autograph signings. The Monster Energy Kawasaki star knows the importance of his fans around the globe.

In 2009 Ryan Villopoto stepped up to the bigger, faster and highly competitive 450 Motocross and Supercross class on his Monster Energy supported Kawasaki KX450F team bike. Ryan’s first year on a 450F dirt bike was very successful with two 450 Supercross wins in Seattle and Las Vegas. Later that year he won the Glen Helen National Motocross Outdoor 450 race. In 2010 Ryan won 7 Supercross races, but was injured and couldn’t compete in the AMA National Motocross series and was surely missed that year at MX tracks around the U.S.

This potent and powerful Kawasaki KX450F 4-stroke engine equipped motorcycle can handle anything Ryan Villopoto dishes out in extreme racing conditions on very demanding motocross and supercross race tracks.

Proud member of the AMA American Motorcyclist Association

With Ryan Villopoto’s great racing success, he has partnered with Alpinestars to develop a signature Tech 10 boot called the RV2 that has black and green colors, cool style and stunning performance. It is available now!

Ryan Villopoto’s Kawasaki KX450F uses Dunlop MX52 or Dunlop MX32 tires depending on the MX or SX track.

Mike Williamson is Ryan Villopoto’s mechanic at Monster Energy Kawasaki and they share great success together in the Outdoor AMA National Motocross Racing Series as well as the AMA World Supercross Series.

The cool video below is The GoPro Untold Story of the Motocross and Supercross Champion Ryan Villopoto.

Ryan Villopoto raced many years on Kawasaki KX off-road motorcycles in his amateur career with Team Green.

Ryan Villopoto has always been a professional motocross race track sensation even as far back as his Pro Circuit Kawasaki Team days on a KX250F racing for the famous race bike tuner and team owner Mitch Payton.

Monster Energy Drink has been a very big important part of Ryan Villopoto’s racing effort at Team Kawasaki.

A GoPro camera can always be seen mounted on Ryan Villopoto’s Thor Verge Pro Monster Energy helmet.

Check out Ryan Villopoto at RV2.com

There’s three of the fastest Kawasaki motocross and supercross racers on the planet pictured below!

Ryan Villopoto is the world famous Supercross and Motocross motorcycle racer that has won 10 AMA Championship Titles due to his raw MX racing talent, speed and hardcore determination. Ryan Villopoto currently races a Kawasaki KX450F for the Monster Energy Kawasaki Team. Ryan was born on August 13, 1988 in Poulsbo Washington. He currently lives in Minneola Florida. Ryan turned Pro in 2006 after winning 12 Amateur Championship Titles for Team Green Kawasaki. So far Ryan Villopoto has won four AMA 250 Lites Championship Race Titles, 3 in motocross and 1 in supercross on a KX250F. Next Ryan won five AMA 450 World Championship Race Titles, 2 in motocross and 4 in supercross on his current Monster KX450F. In 2015 Ryan Villopoto has chosen not to race in the USA and officially retired from Indoor Supercross racing overall in 2015. Ryan competed on the world stage in MXGP FIM Motocross in Europe for Monster Energy Kawasaki in the next step in his successful professional motorcycle racing career. In July of 2015 at the age of 27, Ryan Villopoto officially retired from all professional motorcycle racing. Previously in April 2015 at the FIM MXGP round in Italy, Ryan crashed and suffered a serious tail bone injury that compressed multiple discs in his lower back. Ryan will be missed in the Motocross and Supercross racing motorcycle world.

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