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Kawasaki KX125

Kawasaki KX125

The Kawasaki KX125 has 15.4 inches of ground clearance from the frame to the ground. The KX125 has an overall height of 47.6 inches and the overall width is 32.1 inches. Stopping power on the Kawasaki KX125 features hydraulic front disc brakes with a dual piston caliper and a rear brake rotor using a single piston caliper for great stopping power when front and rear are used together seamlessly.

The Kawasaki KX125 has a dry weight of 192 lbs with an overall length is 83.9 inches and a seat height of 37.2 inches. The frame geometry has Rake measured at 26 degrees and Trail measuring 4.3 inches.

The Kawasaki KX125 has a wheelbase of 56.3 inches measuring from front axle to rear axle. The KX125 has a durable 6 speed transmission and a proven dependable Kawasaki racing multi plate wet clutch.

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The specifications for the Kawasaki KX125 are as follows. The engine is a high performance 2-stroke liquid cooled single cylinder with a displacement of 124cc. The engine cylinder bore and stroke are measured at 54.0mm x 54.5mm and the compression ratio is 9.4:1 at low speed and 7.9:1 at high speed. The KX125 also has a high tech performance based KIPS Kawasaki Integrated Powervalve System for a more usable amount of low end engine torque and plenty of top end power to create even power output.

This Kawasaki KX125 2-stroke motocross motorcycle featured here belonged to the talented MX rider Caleb MacGray of New Jersey. His current social media username on Instagram is @calebmmmm.

The Kawasaki KX125 fuel delivery system features a Keihin PWK Power Jet carburetor and has a high tech crankcase reed valve induction for great overall engine horsepower and smooth throttle response.

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The Kawasaki KX125 suspension consists of 46mm Kayaba KYB inverted front forks that have fully adjustable 18-way compression and rebound dampening with 12.2 inches of front wheel travel. The Uni-Trak rear linkage system has a fully adjustable Kayaba KYB rear shock with 20-way compression settings and 18-way rebound damping adjustability with 13.0 inches of rear wheel suspension travel.

The Kawasaki KX125 video below shows the true domination this bike had in the 125cc MX racing class.

The fuel capacity of the Kawasaki KX125 is 2.25 gallons holding plenty of pre-mixed oil and gas. The KX125 has a digital CDI ignition and a strong chromoly steel perimeter frame for strength and rigidity.

The Kawasaki KX125 2-stroke uses a front tire size of 80/100-21 and a rear tire size of 100/90-19.

The famous KX125 2-stroke MX dirtbike will live on as a popular and fast motorcycle for many riders.

The Kawasaki KX125 2-stroke is a famous motocross racing dirtbike with a long MX history. The Kawasaki KX125 was introduced to the motorcycle world 1974 as a serious motocross racing bike and was produced and sold successfully until it’s final production year in 2005. Many MX racers started their professional racing careers on a Kawasaki KX125 and it is known as one of the fastest 125cc 2-stroke dirt bikes ever made. The KX125 was officially replaced by the KX250F 4-stroke on race tracks worldwide with a new generation of racing machines with more power and torque in the same MX class.