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Kawasaki KLX400 Supermoto DRZ400

While the DRZ400S and KLX400SR are popular bikes to convert to Supermoto, Suzuki offers a factory OEM Supermoto motorcycle for the street called the DRZ400SM and is popular worldwide. The Kawasaki KLX400SR and Suzuki DRZ400S differ from the DRZ400SM Supermoto model because they are equipped with a different suspension component which is conventional front forks. The OEM Suzuki DRZ400SM comes with race track friendly inverted upside down front forks. Below you find many important KLX400 DRZ400 specifications.

Kawasaki KLX400SR and Suzuki DRZ400S motorcycles have a Dual Sport Off Road style 21” front wheel and an 18” rear wheel while the Suzuki DRZ400SM is sold with 17” Supermoto racing street wheels. Pictured on this Supermoto KLX400SR project is the Yoshimura Fender Eliminator kit part # 070BG116600. OEM turn signals were used here. The kit comes with a cool bright LED tail light. You’ll see in the other photos further down the page of the big stock OEM fender and tail light set up. This Yosh kit is a must for sure! Follow the directions closely for an easy install.

Suzuki DRZ400S and Kawasaki KLX400SR bikes have a narrower rear swingarm than the DRZ400SM and will only accept a laced spoke 4.25X17 rear wheel and a 150/60-17 rear tire & inner tube with minimal chain rub. The factory Suzuki DRZ400SM Supermoto bike has a wider swingarm that comes with an OEM 4.50X17 rear wheel and a 140/70-17 rear tire being the standard size which has a taller profile and is hard to find as an OEM replacement size. A common replacement is 150/60-17 for the OEM 4.50X17 rear wheel or 160/60-17 which should truly be mounted on a 5.00X17 rear rim for the correct tire sidewall profile, shape and curve. The tires used here are Continental ContiForce SM Supermoto tires. The front is a 120/70R-17 and the rear is a 150/60R-17 for this 4.25X17 rear wheel set up, but your chain won’t rub with a 140/70-17 Pirelli Rosso 2 tire. That 140/70-17 size is the best idea on an S model and is available at MotoSport through our link banner below.

To convert a Kawasaki KLX400SR or the identical Suzuki DRZ400S into a Supermoto motorcycle, a laced spoke front wheel size of 3.50X17 and a 120/70-17 front tire with inner tube is the correct size to go with. This combination is the exact identical front wheel and tire size as any modern sportbike motorcycle on the road today. This KLX400SR Supermoto Project uses a wheel package consisting of Excel Rims and Talon Hubs and were hand built by a professional wheel expert.

When converting a Kawasaki KLX400SR or Suzuki DRZ400S into a Supermoto motorcycle, a lighter Yoshimura slip on exhaust is a nice upgrade from the heavier stock muffler and requires no carburetor jetting modifications. This gives the KLX400 and DRZ400 motor a great sound while riding!

Converting an OEM Dual Sport motorcycle like a Kawasaki KLX400SR or Suzuki DRZ400S allows you to have two awesome motorcycles in one. You will have a great dirt bike with the original OEM Dual Sport Off Road wheels when installing tires like Dunlop D606 DOT knobbies and also having a great handling street bike set up with the optional aftermarket Supermoto 17” wheels using a set up with Excel rims and Talon hubs while using sticky radial sportbike tires.

The Kawasaki KLX400SR and current Suzuki DRZ400S Dual Sport motorcycles come with a 44 tooth rear sprocket and for a Supermoto conversion, a 41 tooth rear sprocket is a must with the smaller 17” rear wheel to maintain the original top speed and acceleration characteristics. A few links have to be removed from the OEM 520 O-ring chain and put back together with a high quality O-ring master link. Steel sprockets lasts longer than aluminum, but do weigh more. Go for the steel rear sprocket. A 520 JT Steel rear sprocket has a more motocross look, but a cool option.

Both the Kawasaki KLX400SR and Suzuki DRZ400S bikes have a fun usable amount of power around town and on the back roads. This Supermoto conversion makes this lightweight Dual Sport motorcycle handle like a Sportbike, turn in sharp and carve turns like you’ve never experienced! Check out the great KLX400 Supermoto video above carving up the back roads on a hardcore street ride through the country side!

A Kawasaki KLX400SR Supermoto conversion should include a Supermoto front fender which is shorter and more aerodynamic, but isn’t the best for rain riding due to the possibility of some rain water flicking up over the fender at speed which is not a big deal. MotoSport has a great selection of these Supermoto fenders. The Acerbis Evo Supermoto front fender with the big top vent pictured below, green might still be available. If not, blue or black is for sure.

The 400cc Kawasaki KLX400SR Supermoto converted bike is a motorcycle that pushes any rider to corner fast and lean over in turns lower than you would ever think possible while motorcycling!

For some reference, in a few pictures below is the bone stock 2003 and 2004 Kawasaki KLX400SR Dual Sport motorcycle otherwise known as the Green DRZ in full OEM street legal DOT road worthy configuration before the Supermoto conversion.

Turn signals and mirrors come standard on the KLX400SR model along with DOT Bridgestone Trail Wing tires which are considered 80% Street and 20% Dirt riding. They have surprisingly good grip on the street!

Back road street sport riding with sportbikes on the KLX400 straight from the motorcycle dealership is no problem on this great Kawasaki Dual Sport bike with plenty of power!

For the KLX400SR or DRZ400S, this slip-on exhaust is a Yoshimura RS-3 Comp Series Stainless Oval with mid pipe Yoshimura part # 2165600-SA which is different from the similar looking Off Road Dirt DRZ400 / KLX400 muffler. This 2165600-SA street exhaust canister is the best choice to get. The similar Off Road only slip-on is Yoshimura part # D460AS-SA and will say “Off Road” on the Yosh label riveted on.

For comparison to a Kawasaki KLX400 converted to Supermoto, the photo below is an OEM factory Suzuki DRZ400SM Supermoto motorcycle with the inverted front forks, wider rear swingarm and OEM factory Suzuki 17” Supermoto wheels with a the factory OEM Suzuki 4.50” x 17” rear wide wheel and a 140/70-17 rear tire.

A real true factory OEM Suzuki DRZ400SM Supermoto bike pictured here from the dealership showroom floor is a rare site for motorcyclists that have never seen one before admiring the combination of a Dirt Bike with Sportbike motorcycle tires! The KLX400 in any configuration will always be known with pride as the Green DRZ400 in Dirt Bike, Dual Sport or Supermoto form.

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Kawasaki KLX400 Supermoto DRZ400

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The photo below shows the Suzuki DRZ400 Supermoto wheels direct from KSRWheels that bolt right on to the KLX400 with the black Excel Rims and gold Talon Hubs for a simple and fast Supermoto conversion project.

This hand built, very high quality Supermoto DRZ400 / KLX400 wheel package from KSRWheels had a quick turn around time of about one week from the time the phone call was made and the order was placed with KSR to when the Supermoto wheels arrived after being delivered by UPS.

The side view above and the close-up view below of the gold Talon Hubs from KSRWheels for the Supermoto DRZ / KLX really show the amazing and strong anodized finish of these incredibly impressive motorcycle wheel products! KSR can build your Supermoto Wheels with other Hub makers of your choice in your price range.

Another option to convert your Kawasaki KLX400SR or Suzuki DRZ400S to Supermoto is to purchase pre-built ready to install wheels. The 17”x 3.50” front wheel features an oversized 320 mm front brake rotor and includes a red bracket for relocating you OEM front brake caliper. The 17”x4.25” rear wheel has a brake rotor and rear sprocket included. The hub accepts OEM rear sprockets of your choice.

The following 2003 Kawasaki KLX400 below belongs to Shawn Friesen. He originally bought this Dual Sport motorcycle to simply commute to and from work and to do some back country riding in this full off road motocross enduro woods bike set up. Shawn was quickly inspired and educated on how to convert his bike into a Supermoto KLX from our KLX400 Supermoto webpage! Shawn sent these great KLX photos of his new project that started from our website inspiration. Shawn did an awesome job at turning his Kawasaki into one of the most sought after bikes on the road and one of the rarest motorcycles you will ever see in motorcycling.

As you can see from the photo above, Shawn’s Kawasaki KLX400 had DOT knobby tires and is very capable for a motocross set up riding in dirt, mud and sand with no problem prior to this KLX400 Supermoto conversion.

Black 17” Warp 9 Supermoto wheels with a 40 tooth rear sprocket were Shawn’s choice when converting his KLX400 from an already awesome dirt bike to an amazing road only, street specific cool Supermoto motorcycle with high grip soft sportbike tires front and rear. Shawn also used the oversized front brake rotor from Warp 9.

Shawn cleaned up the rear tail section of his new Motorcycling-Online inspired Supermoto conversion of his KLX400 into a true KLX400SM bike which is such an impressive motorcycle and great fun to ride on the street!

As a final added touch, Shawn installed this cool green aerodynamic shorter Acerbis Supermoto front fender along with BMW mirrors, Low-Pro Moose Hand Guards and this really slick black and white Acerbis front LED headlight number plate combination! Thank you so much Shawn for your kind words and sharing such great information and really cool photos with detailed descriptions of your entire KLX400 Supermoto conversion!

This Suzuki DRZ400SM Supermoto video shows how well these motorcycles handle with sportbikes.

The Kawasaki KLX400 is a popular motorcycle to convert to Supermoto. The KLX400 is known as the “Green DRZ400” and was produced in 2003 & 2004 during a joint venture with Suzuki. The KLX400 is really a DRZ400 with green bodywork and is identical still today to the current model Suzuki DRZ400S motorcycle. The KLX and DRZ motors are the same too. The street legal KLX400 Dual Sport motorcycle is rare to see on the road today and is technically called a KLX400SR different from the KLX400E Off Road Dirt Bike.