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KTM Supermoto

With plenty of power off road, the KTM Supermoto big bore single cylinder is a blast to ride aggressively on the street or while racing on a track.

For the KTM Supermoto EXC project the 18” rear MX wheel and knobby tire was replaced with a 17” X 4.25” Excel rim and Talon Hub with a super sticky 150/60R-17 Continental ContiForce SM Supermoto rear tire. The best rear tire size to use is a 140/70-17 to avoid the chain rubbing on the edge of the tire. A Pirelli Rosso 2 rear 140/70-17 is available through our MotoSport banner link. This rear tire size is rare, but it is the original OEM size that comes stock on the rear of a Suzuki DRZ400SM with their 17” X 4.50” OEM stock rear wheel.

The transformation started on the KTM Supermoto EXC conversion project with mounting the new front wheel using a 17” X 3.50” Excel front rim and a KTM orange Talon Hub with a 120/70R-17 Continental ContiForce SM Supermoto front tire. Here are some photos of the stock OEM 2008 KTM 530 EXC-R dirt bike before the Supermoto idea became a reality. The R in EXC-R means this motorcycle is a street legal bike from the dealership. Many size EXC KTM’s have been made such as the popular KTM 525 EXC, 520 EXC, 500 EXC, 450 EXC, 400 EXC, 350 EXC, 300 EXC and 250 EXC. This KTM 530 EXC-R is very rare and is well sought after for the large powerful motor with a lot of torque and high end top speed.

From the factory, this KTM motocross bike is an incredibly competent off road motorcycle on an MX track or in tight woods and trails with cutting edge suspension and chassis components.

For the first KTM 530 Supermoto test ride, the large motocross 52 tooth sprocket was used and what a wheelie monster it was on the street with soft Supermoto rubber on asphalt and lots of torque! This bike is super fast on the dirt, now it is crazy fast and feels well balanced on the street.

KTM Motorcycles are made in Austria and the company was founded in 1934 by engineer Hans Trunkenpolz. While KTM produces champion winning MX dirt bikes, they currently make a Supermoto 450 SMR motorcycle designed specifically for the road race track which was the inspiration.

Before starting the KTM Supermoto bike project, some serious MX riding was a must at a top secret test track to feel the stock wheel package and knobby tire handling characteristics. Heading out on the pre KTM Supermoto 530 EXC-R bike for a mud session and some sand riding. This is a hardcore off road dirt bike with a big motor to match that can tackle any MX riding terrain.

For this project, the KTM EXC Supermoto conversion plan was set in motion by the popularity of the Supermoto scene and Supermoto culture that has grown in motorcycling today with motocrossers, sportbikers and cruiser riders alike.

KTM Supermoto bikes have a history of motorcycle racing in the sport around the world and KTM produces a line of Supermoto cycles that are very popular with motorcyclists everywhere.

This KTM EXC Supermoto bike’s suspension came standard with quality LPS inverted front forks with fully adjustable compression and rebound dampening.

The super fast and powerful KTM 530 EXC-R motocross dirt bike is a well built off road machine that is for serious motorcycle riders that need high horsepower at full throttle!

Aggressive styling matched with a great sounding engine and exhaust sound, the custom KTM 530 EXC-R Supermoto motorcycle attracts a lot of attention and is a real crowd pleaser at any motorcycling gathering or riding event whether it’s off road motocross, dual sport riding, cruising, adventure touring or serious sportbike riding. This rare european KTM bike is truly one of a kind and the cool video below proves it with the KTM street riding Supermoto motorcycle worthiness. The Aluminum Motorsport Products Supermoto Stand seen in the photo above is a great idea since the new 17” wheels lower the KTM so much a regular Motocross stand is way too high. It comes in four cool colors, even KTM orange!

In a few photos down from here are the KTM Supermoto wheels and tires before the sprockets and brake rotors were installed. For the record, using a Talon “Cush” Rear Hub is a must for KTM EXC Supermoto bikes to protect the transmission from damage while using high traction street tires. The Talon Cush hub simply cushions the hub to sprocket connection with small rubber grommets as a buffer. This adds a safe amount of flex where the knobbies on the off road tires protected the transmission while accelerating and decelerating hard under load on hard packed dirt terrain. For comparison, the Kawasaki KLX400SR, Suzuki DRZ400S and DRZ400SM Supermoto transmissions are built with buffering in the transmission with no need for a Talon Cush rear hub on the street. Never use a non-Cush Hub on a KTM EXC Supermoto street motorcycle if you want your transmission to last a long time with worry free riding after this KTM Supermoto conversion.

Below is the Braking Rear Race Brake Rotor that was used on this EXC-R 530 KTM Supermoto motorcycle for awesome stopping power and great looks.

This orange rear Talon Hub is a perfect match on the KTM 530 EXC Supermoto project motorcycle! A precision product like Talon Hubs are a wise choice when converting any bike to Supermoto.

Converting the KTM 530 EXC-R to Supermoto was made simple by using these super high quality orange Talon front hubs that fit perfectly and are very strong, durable and very light.

A high quality 520 clip style O-ring master link was used after removing a few links from the chain on the KTM EXC Supermoto 530 conversion motorcycle project

Any KTM EXC-R Supermoto package should absolutely have this awesome option for dual sport motorcycle action with two sets of wheels ready to interchange anytime for Motocross in the morning and Supermoto street riding action in the afternoon.

For the KTM EXC 530 Supermoto project bike, a few links were removed from the 520 chain and for higher top end speed, the 52 tooth 520 rear sprocket was replaced with a 42 tooth 520 steel rear sprocket.

This KTM Supermoto project is ready for some real street testing now that it’s off the dirt for now.

The difference in handling on a KTM Supermoto converted motorcycle with street tires is amazing and has no problem keeping up with any size sportbike motorcycle in the turns or back roads!

KTM EXC 530 Supermoto conversion motorcycle project was an easy bike to put together fast!

For comparison, this rare KTM SMC 625 LC4 Supermoto, sometimes called a  Supermotard or Motard motorcycle in Europe pictured above and below is a full factory OEM Supermoto Bike direct from a KTM motorcycle dealership ready to roll.

With a full factory KTM dual exhaust system, inverted front forks and wide wheel and tire package, the KTM SMC 625 LC4 is ready to roll on the street without the need for a Supermoto conversion.

The KTM EXC-R 530 is a great motocross bike for sure, but the Supermoto conversion is a must!

Pictured below is the Acerbis Evo Supermoto front fender with the big vent on the top and the Acerbis black fork guards all of which fit perfectly on the KTM EXC-R SM motorcycle. The vented fender is a two piece design.

As you can see from the photos above of the chosen Talon Cush Rear Hub for this KTM Supermoto conversion and the photo below of the non Cush standard solid motorcycle hub that was an original option. The rear hub below was not used and only test fitted. It was not a wise decision to use having no flex or buffer in the hub where it connects to the rear sprocket. The hub below is a TCR Racing hub that was mounted with the wheel spacers, sprocket and rotor. While it did fit perfectly and the stunning KTM orange was a great color match, it was not used on this bike.

Once the orange Talon Hubs with the Cush option on the rear was decided, the wheels were built for the mighty KTM 530 Supermoto EXC-R bike with these super cool black Excel rims by a professional wheel builder.

The photo above is from a street bike ride with two modern 1000cc sportbikes on the fully modified Supermoto KTM EXC-R 530 converted motorcycle with street tires. This KTM keeps up easily in the tight turns on the back roads with amazing handling and superior sharp cornering capabilities.

Even after a wild Supermoto street ride on the KTM EXC-R 530, the OEM motocross wheels with full knobby off-road tires go back on quickly for some extreme dirt bike MX action with no trouble at all. The fast transformation back and forth from Motocross to Supermoto is all part of the KTM’s fun as a powerful versatile motorcycle that provides and accommodates many different riding styles!

These wheels are amazing to see in person as shown in the photo above. The orange Talon hubs matched perfectly on the KTM EXC-R 530 Supermoto project motorcycle along with the black Excel Rims, black Bulldog Spokes and high quality orange Spoke Nipples made in Japan. While the orange TCR Racing KTM hubs from KSR test fit perfectly as seen from the front hub photo below, the orange Talon KTM front hub was the choice to run as a matched set of hubs since the orange KTM Talon Cush Rear Hub was the best bet for reliability and demands during some really serious Supermoto KTM street action.

Here are the pair of anodized orange KTM Supermoto Wheel Hubs from KSRWheels which were tested, they are high quality and show craftsmanship at it’s best with a heavy duty design from precision CNC machining.

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KTM Supermoto

The awesome video below shows a Supermoto street ride on the fun KTM EXC-R 530 motorcycle!

This KTM Supermoto motorcycle conversion project started out as a full motocross street legal 2008 KTM 530 EXC-R with the intention of riding hard and fast on the back roads and in twisty tight turns in true SM style. From the KTM factory, the DOT approved street legal 2008 KTM 530 EXC-R dirt bike motorcycle came fully equipped with a headlight, turn signals and mirrors. The wheel package was a motocross set up with a 21” Excel front wheel and an Excel 18” rear wheel both with DOT off road knobby tires. The KTM Supermoto motorcycle featured here has a dual sport purpose in mind to use off road with the OEM wheels and tires and also create a Supermoto street bike on the road with Excel 17” Supermoto wheels and sticky Sportbike motorcycle tires with awesome motorcycling handling characteristics on the back roads any rider can appreciate! Below are many provided KTM Supermoto specs for this bike.