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Infinity Racing Motocross Team

Infinity Racing Motocross Team

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Here’s Haley Leonhardt’s Infinity Racing Kawasaki KX125 race bike with her new Fusion Graphix kit.

Check out Cora Leonhardt’s Kawasaki KX85 race bike with a brand new graphic kit from Fusion Graphix.

This great photo of The Infinity Racing Motocross Team featuring Cora Leonhardt and Haley Leonhardt clearing a big motocross jump together shows their true dedication to the sport of MX motorcycle racing.

Proud member of the AMA American Motorcyclist Association

The Infinity Racing Kawasaki MX race bikes are clean and ready for action and heading to the race track. Infinity Racing does awesome work promoting and major motorcycle companies such as Arai Helmets, Dunlop, FMF, Alpinestars, Fox Racing, MotoSport, Pro Taper, KSR Wheels, Fusion Graphix, 100% Racing, Capital Cycle, MotoGirl, Twin Air Filters and UFO Plastic.

The Leonhardt Sisters known as Infinity Racing are always having fun heading to the MX race track.

Infinity Racing’s Cora Leonhardt goes by her famous name @cora88mx on social media’s Instagram.

Haley Leonhardt of Infinity Racing can also be found on Instagram by her @citychasingchick username.

Infinity Racing’s Cora Leonhardt #88 rips around the motocross track screaming her Kawasaki KX85.

Haley Leonhardt #911 of Infinity Racing puts in some laps on Cora’s bike while her KX125 takes a rest.

The Infinity Racing Motocross Team Leonhardt Sisters Cora and Haley are super focused Moto Girls.

Infinity Racing endorses a number of top motocross products with some great MX motorcycle sponsors.

With another race day approaching, there’s no doubt Infinity Racing’s Leonhardt Sisters love racing MX.

Infinity Racing’s Cora Leonhardt shows her MotoGirl vibe with her Arai VX-Pro3 on a mechanical bull. Cora’s Mom Connie, the ultimate motocross Mom and Infinity Racing team manager is quoted as saying “The whoops are a little hairy, the throttle is glitchy and this track is bull!”

Infinity Racing has a strong foundation with the Leonhardt family supporting their motorcycle passion.

Whether on the motocross track or chilling at home, Infinity Racing’s Haley Leonhardt has MotoGirl style.

Cora Leonhardt represents Infinity Racing with a bright future while having a cool MXgirl race spirit.

Infinity Racing’s Haley Leonhardt tears up the race track flying off of this MX jump at their home track.

Cora Leonhardt gets some air on this fun MX jump at the top secret Infinity Racing motocross test track.

Here’s a great photo of the Infinity Racing Team’s Leonhardt Girls taken by their mom Connie Leonhardt.

At the motocross race track, the Infinity Racing Team is always ready to dominate the MX competition.

Cora and Haley Leonhardt of Infinity Racing both rail around an MX berm at the track on their super fast Kawasaki KX85 and KX125 race bikes wearing their all new amazing Fox Racing motocross apparel.

Cora Leonhardt wearing her Arai VX-Pro3 motocross helmet represents Infinity Racing well at the track.

Infinity Racing’s Haley Leonhardt wears her new Alpinestars Tech 3 Stella MX boots for great protection.

Cora and Haley Leonhardt both clear really big MX double jumps with ease Infinity Racing style on their FMF Racing powered Kawasaki KX85 and KX125 race bikes during motocross racing and practice.

The Moto Sisters Cora and Haley Leonhardt show fans at the race track what Infinity Racing is all about!

The Infinity Racing Motocross Team always tears up the motocross track on their Dunlop MX race tires.

The Leonhardt Girls at Infinity Racing run their Kawasaki MX race bikes at full power in this great photo.

Check out these new front fender graphics on Haley Leonhardt’s Infinity Racing Team Kawasaki KX125 motocross race bike created and custom designed by Scott at Fusion Graphix.

Infinity Racing at the Red Bull section of the race track with Haley and Cora keeping a fast race pace.

Infinity Racing’s Haley, Connie and Cora Leonhardt take a day off from motocross racing for training with some intense exercise hiking the grueling terrain in the deep woods of Raccoon Mountain in Tennessee. Photo by Infinity Racing Motorcycle Mechanic, Team Driver and #1 Motocross Dad Jim Leonhardt.

Haley Leonhardt shows off her Infinity Racing perfected MX cornering style through a hard left hand turn.

Cora Leonhardt from Infinity Racing rips her classic motocross scrub cresting over the top of a big jump.

Infinity Racing believes in keeping it smooth and looking sharp as Haley Leonhardt styles on her KX125.

Big news as Infinity Racing’s Leonhardt Sisters score big on the podium with plenty of trophies at the Phenix City Motocross Fall Spectacular and show the competition they are a serious force in MX racing.

The Infinity Racing Motocross Team’s current race bikes feature a Kawasaki KX85, KX125 and KX250.

Infinity Racing had great results with a lot of trophies at the Millcreek Kawasaki Good Time Pro Am race.

Infinity Racing Team Dad Jim and Mechanic Jamie Winslett cheer on Cora while she tears up the track.

Cora and Jim of Infinity Racing get to the starting line early to scope out the perfect motocross race line.

Infinity Racing is always willing to help friends with some motocross tips as Cora coaches a fellow racer.

Infinity Racing’s Cora Leonhardt is seen here flying down a big fast downhill section on her KX250.

Infinity Racing’s Cora Leonhardt earns some giant motocross trophies at the Monster Mountain MX Park.

Haley Leonhardt clears a huge motocross double jump on her Infinity Racing Kawasaki KX125 race bike.

Haley Leonhardt scores a giant motocross racing trophy Infinity Racing style with her Kawasaki KX125.

The legendary Leonhardt’s of Infinity Racing are Cora on her Kawasaki KX250 and Haley on her KX125.

Every motocross track that Infinity Racing’s Leonhardt Sisters Cora and Haley visit, Feels The Tingle!

Check out the video below of Dirtbike Magazine building a mean Kawasaki KX250 2-stroke race bike.

The Infinity Racing Motocross Team was founded by Cora and Haley Leonhardt in 2013. The Infinity Racing Motocross Team is an MX motorcycle race team that was started by Cora Leonhardt racing her Kawasaki KX85 and Haley Leonhardt racing her Kawasaki KX125. The Infinity Racing name was created in honor of Cora and Haley’s adopted grandfather “Mr Bill” who passed away in March 2013. Mr Bill and Cora share the same birthday, so “Infinity” means never forgetting those that loved us that are no longer with us. Cora Leonhardt’s #88 race bike plates represents Infinity times two. Haley Leonhardt’s #911 race number is from the song “somebody call 911, fire burning on the dance floor!”