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Honda XR100R

Honda XR100R

The gas tank on the Honda XR100R has a fuel capacity of 1.3 US gallons and also has a 0.3 gallon reserve to provide hours of fun worry free riding on trails, dirt bike tracks and even riding in deep woods.

The expanding style rugged motorcycle drum brakes provide the Honda XR100R quick stopping power.

Honda XR100R’s have the same off road motorcycle look of the entire XR and CRF motorcycle line up.

The Honda XR100R has sharp turning and great handling thanks to front steering geometry dimensions of 28.50 degrees of Castor Angle Rake and 3.9 inches of Trail which translates into metric at 99.0mm.

The exhaust muffler on the powerful Honda XR100R dirt bike is high flowing, looks and sounds great.

The powerful yet light motor in the XR100R built by Honda has an engine cylinder bore and stroke that measures 53.0mm x 45.0mm. The strong shifting transmission is a constant mesh 5 speed gear box.

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The Honda XR100R is a great looking dirt bike with aggressive style and a motocross attitude to match.

The Honda XR100R weighs 170 pounds when full of all essential operating fluids and lubricants being ready to run and with a full tank of fuel and including all factory standard operating OEM bike equipment.

The Honda XR100R dirt bike’s compact engine is measured at 99cc has a compression ratio of 9.4:1.

The Honda XR100R has a perfect seat height of 30.9 inches to accommodate a wide range of riders.

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The video below shows a motorcycle test riding session on the ever popular Honda XR100R dirt bike.

Large front motocross inspired give the Honda XR100R a great MX race look and protection from mud.

Honda XR100R’s comes in a great red color sporting Honda’s racing heritage in motocross and enduro off road riding and racing on the dirt for decades with great success and rewards with these motorcycles.

All routine service can be done on a Honda XR100R with ease by following the factory owners manual.

The MX rear tire on the Honda XR100R measures at 3.00-16 while the front tire is a taller 2.50-19 sized.

The wide and comfortable handlebars help steer the Honda XR100R through twisty trials and woods.

The strong rear brakes on the Honda XR100R are the expanding style mechanically operated drum type.

The single rear Showa shock on the Honda XR100R smoothes out rough terrain with rugged Pro Link suspension providing 5.8 inches of travel while the front suspension has 27.0mm leading axle Showa front forks and has 5.2 inches of travel to handle MX style jumps and harsh off road riding demands.

The Honda XR100R provides simple and easy kickstarting with this very accurate engine kickstarter.

Honda XR100R’s have a sturdy steel frame that combines a very strong triple clamp steering assembly.

The MX styling and shape of this awesome Honda XR100R is seen from all angles especially from behind. The impressive amount of ground clearance measures 9.9 inches from the bottom of the frame.

The Honda XR100R has a very comfortable MX seat that will provide hours of relaxed riding and racing.

The incredible Honda XR100R is popular enough that many fast motorcycle racers will practice on them.

Honda XR100R’s offer all riders of any skill level the same thrill with it’s perfect power and ergonomics.

The easy to operate wet clutch on the Honda XR100R makes learning manual shifting a true pleasure.

The Honda XR100R motorcycle has a powerful 4-stroke engine with an efficient over head cam design.

The proven engine design of the durable 4-stroke OEM motor makes the Honda XR100R run hard using a SOHC single overhead cam with two valves and potent CD ignition to provide spark to the powerplant.

The efficient 22mm piston valve style carburetor on the Honda XR100R provides great smooth throttle response and years of carefree operation thanks to this simple carb design that is very easy to clean.

The versatile Honda XR100R off road motorcycle’s simple layout is a pleasure to service and maintain.

All Honda XR100R engines come with a free flowing exhaust header pipe and a protective heat shield.

The center of gravity is perfectly balanced on the off road oriented Honda XR100R dirt bike motorcycle with a wheelbase dimension measuring from front axle center to rear axle center at 49.2 inches in length.

The Honda XR100R utilizes a 428 gauge chain with a 14 tooth front sprocket and 50 tooth rear sprocket.

The Honda XR100R has a great looking MX front profile and begs to be ridden hard in the dirt or woods!.

The cool red Honda XR100R dirt bike has to be the most fun time for a rider that appreciates the basics.

Who can argue that the little red Honda XR100R dirt bike isn’t the coolest MX motorcycle ever produced.

The Honda XR100R is one of the most popular dirt bike motorcycles to ever be produced. Originally called and sometimes known as the Honda XR100, this XR100R Honda motorcycle is currently sold as the CRF100F with a long history of off road reliability and fun riding in the dirt and on trails. The specifications and critical measurements are identical on the CRF100F and the earlier XR100R. Motocross racers, Flat Trackers, Superbike Riders and MotoGP stars have fun on these bikes. Listed below are all of the important and useful specifications for the Honda XR100R 4-stroke dirt bike.

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