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Honda VTX1800

The Honda VTX1800 cruiser motorcycle is a true crowd pleaser at any motorcycling event and is a very popular large displacement big bore power cruiser street bike. The Honda VTX1800 cruiser motorcycle is made in Japan and when introduced it was the largest displacement V-twin motorcycle engine in the world. Honda made available three bikes in the VTX line with the 1800 engine and the models are the VTX1800R, VTX1800S and VTX1800C featured in these photos. All had optional VTX 1800 Spec 1 Spec 2 and Spec 3 variations from Honda. On this page, you’ll find important specs for the Honda VTX1800 motorcycle.

This awesome VTX1800 motorcycle has a very modern high tech and performance oriented liquid cooled two cylinder V-twin engine with a 5 speed transmission with smooth shaft drive.

Honda VTX1800C motorcycles have chrome details all over the bike that are indeed a cruiser motorcyclists dream come true for a great custom look.

The big bore 1800cc Honda VTX1800C cruiser puts out 120 foot pounds of torque at 3500 rpm and has horsepower measured at 106 hp at 5000 rpm making this street bike one of the most powerful cruisers in motorcycling today with plenty of low end power and muscle all through the rpm range.

The Honda VTX1800 is built with quality tires and wheels to provide sharp handling and a comfortable ride while the chassis has Showa front forks and Showa twin rear shocks.

The VTX1800 comes standard with performance dual disc brakes up front and a huge single rear rotor! This Honda Power Cruiser has incredible braking power and stops super fast.

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Honda VTX1800

Honda VTX1800 cruisers have stunning good looks and an eye catching style that defines a hardcore motorcyclist with strong big bore power and hard fast acceleration.

The Honda VTX1800 with an 1800cc V-twin engine was introduced in 2002 and in 2003 a smaller 1300cc engine equipped cruiser motorcycle called a VTX1300 was introduced to motorcycling for a more entry level less powered cruiser street bike that any beginner motorcycle rider can handle.

The VTX1800C cruiser below from Honda is a motorcycle that has created a class called the “Power Cruiser” and has set the standard for performance in cruiser motorcycling today.

The Honda VTX1800C motorcycle is a bike with muscular looks and an aggressive exhaust sound.

This Honda VTX1800 has a neon light kit installed for a wild custom cruiser look to light up the night with a cool glowing effect on the motorcycles overall appearance.

Honda VTX1800 cruisers have a very large and super bright front headlight for lighting up any motorcycling situation or summer night ride on this amazing street worthy custom motorcycle.

The powerful Honda VTX1800 cruiser motorcycle is a power cruiser that pushes the edge of performance with plenty of power for long rides or riding around town.

Honda VTX1800 motorcycles are mean and powerful bikes that rule the cruiser cycle scene.

This custom motorcycle wheel kit looks great on this Honda VTX1800 and gets a lot of looks!

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The powerful Honda VTX1800 cruiser motorcycle is featured below in this cool Honda promotional ad.