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Honda RS125

The Honda RS125 engine is a single cylinder two-cycle design with a displacement of 124 cm3 / 7.6 (cu-in) cubic inches that requires two-stroke pre-mix oil to be added to the gas at a specific ratio such as 30:1 depending on the riders preference at the race track and the type of oil used. The motor cylinder on the Honda RS125 Grand Prix motorcycle is a high performance oriented inclined 40° from vertical design proven at road race tracks by Honda Racing Corporation HRC.

The Honda RS125 GP race bike’s electrical system consists  of a durable high performance ignition system made up of a digital advanced CDI and the ignition timing is 24.5° BTDC @ 6,000 rpm.

The braking system components on the HRC Honda RS125 Grand Prix GP bike consists of a high end front Brembo 4 piston brake caliper design and a large 300 mm single front disc brake rotor.

The overall length of the HRC Honda RS125 Grand Prix 125GP racing motorcycle is 70.9 inches / 1,800 mm, the height is measured at 38.8 inches / 985 mm and the width is 22.4 inches / 570 mm.

The full race Honda RS125 light weight MotoGP motorcycle weighs in at 156 lbs / 71 kg with a seat height of 27.6 inches / 700 mm and ground clearance height is measured at 4.3 inches / 110 mm.

The Honda RS125 GP race bike’s rear braking system components feature a right side mounted quality proven Nissin single one piston brake caliper and a single rear vented disc brake rotor.

The transmission gear box in the Honda RS125 GP racing motorcycle is a strong 6 speed constant mesh gear configuration and a primary reduction of 2.952 (62/21) with a multi plate wet clutch.

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The 13.0 liter / 3.4 US gal gas tank holds plenty of racing fuel or gasoline for a long Grand Prix or AMA race on the popular Honda RS125 HRC Honda Racing Corporation GP racing motorcycle.

The bore and stroke of the Honda RS125 engine in this 125cc class GP bike is measured at 54 mm x 54.5 mm with maximum horsepower measured at 32.3 hp at an incredible high revving 12,250 rpm! The actual displacement of the motor is measured at 124cc’s with a large 3.4 gallon fuel tank.

Also known as the HRC Honda RS125R, this purpose built GP race bike is not a street legal motorcycle and is only meant for Grand Prix bike racing as well as light weight AMA road racing.

The chassis suspension on the Honda RS125 GP motorcycle is made up of high quality telescopic Showa fully adjustable upside down inverted front forks and a Honda Pro-Link rear suspension with a fully adjustable Showa rear shock using a super light and strong reinforced aluminum swingarm.

Known as the best handling motorcycle on any race track worldwide, the Honda RS125 GP bike proves that this Grand Prix racer is a serious 125GP class favorite in motorcycling anywhere!

With a fuel system made up of a simple single Keihin PJ 38 mm carburetor and a full size 17” road racing motorcycle wheel package, the HRC Honda RS125 Grand Prix GP race bike from the Honda Racing Corporation is easy to maintain and very simple to service and fix at the race track with a simplistic design and high quality racing parts for a true MotoGP experience!

Proud member of the AMA American Motorcyclist Association

No to be confused with the popular and very famous Aprilia RS125 GP bike or the Honda NSR125, the stock factory Honda RS125 GP motorcycle top speed is measured at a super fast 130 mph!

The video below shows a really cool modified Honda RS125 Grand Prix racing motorcycle.

The Honda RS125 GP race bike was introduced to the Grand Prix motorcycle racing world in 1988 made by the Honda Racing Corporation HRC with a high tech cutting edge aluminum twin spar chassis frame and a high performance liquid cooled powerful 125cc 2-stroke racing engine. Many famous MotoGP racers have raced and won Grand Prix motorcycle racing championships on the Honda RS125. This awesome GP race bike won many World Champion titles in 125GP with Loris Capirossi in 1990 and 1991, Dani Pedrosa in 1993 and Andrea Dovizioso in 2005. This GP bike has also been raced in the early Grand Prix racing careers of both Valentino Rossi and Casey Stoner. There have been many different variations of the HRC Honda RS125 GP125 motorcycle that make this bike a very popular winning combination on race tracks around the world for both beginner riders and advanced pro experts in very high levels of competitive GP motorcycle racing. Listed below are a lot of informative facts and specifications on the Honda RS125 GP road racing motorcycle.