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Honda RC51

Honda RC51

Earlier Honda Superbike model motorcycles prior to the RC51 were the V4 750cc Honda RC30 called the VFR750R and also the fuel injected V4 Honda RC45 called the RVF750R with 101 hp.

Two large capacity side mounted high performance radiators keep the high horsepower Honda RC51 Superbike running cool to make strong usable power all throughout the powerful rpm range.

In stock street bike configuration, the Honda RC51 sportbike has two large dual headlights with an air induction system situated directly in between the two to feed the electronic fuel injection system massive quantities of fresh air at high rates of speed to produce a lot of horsepower and torque.

The Honda RC51 motorcycle holds 4.8 gallons / 18 liters of fuel in the large capacity gas tank!

The Honda RC51 motorcycle specs includes a 55.9 inch wheelbase, a dry weight of 439 lbs, seat height is 32.5 inches and a 6 speed close ratio transmission for a potent and light Honda Superbike package that was marketed for street bike sportriders all over the large motorcycling community.

The Honda RC51 is a Superbike known for it’s large and loud dual exhaust system and awesome DOHC V-twin motorcycle sound, this model has a rare left sided 2-into-1 stainless muffler canister for a smoother sound on a back road, on a favorite race track or at a motorcycle track day event.

With horsepower measured at 133 hp, the Honda RC51 Superbike was a motorcycle with a top speed of 170 mph. The Castrol Honda race team full factory racing bike had an astounding 185 hp!

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When the Superbike rules changed to allow 1000cc in-line four cylinder engine equipped racing motorcycles to race against the Honda RC51, the bike was replaced by the Honda CBR1000RR.

The Honda RC51 is Superbike motorcycle with an aluminum alloy twin spar frame for a super strong chassis where the engine becomes a stressed member bolted to the bottom of the frame.

Honda designated the first generation RC51 as the SP1 Superbike. The second generation race bike was the SP2 motorcycle model having improved the suspension and fuel injection system.

The popular production model Honda RC51 motorcycle was also known as the Honda VTR1000R.

The Honda RC30 and RC45 Superbikes featured a high tech aluminum single sided swingarm for fast racing paddock tire changes, but the RC51 had a conventional two sided braced swingarm.

Proud member of the AMA American Motorcyclist Association

Here’s a great video of the Honda RC51 V-twin starting up and running with no exhaust mufflers.

The Honda RC51 Superbike motorcycle is a serious 1000cc V-twin racing bred sportbike that dominated AMA Superbike in America as well as WSBK World Superbike around the world. As a race bike for HRC Honda Racing Corporation, the Honda RC51 Superbike was a new evolution of motorcycle racing engine technology in a market of production based in-line-four street style sportbikes. The Honda RC51 engine is a 999cc liquid cooled DOHC 90 degree V-twin that raced in the 750cc four cylinder Superbike class. Having more torque from this engine design, the RC51 helped racers like Nicky Hayden and Colin Edwards take this bike to the championship level. Here you will find all of the important and helpful Honda RC51 specifications.