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Honda CRF450R

Honda CRF450R

The fuel tank capacity on the Honda CRF450R is 1.66 US gallons of gas providing plenty of race action!

The Honda CRF race bikes & off-road motorcycles replaced the 4-stroke XR models in the year 2000.

The Honda CRF450R is a really fun bike for racing or simple play riding for some power wheelie action.

The Honda CRF450R featured here belongs to the super fast motocross racer and friend of the site Kevin Riccitelli. Kevin and his wicked fast CRF450R can also be found on Instagram @kevinriccitelli14mx.

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The Honda CRF450R has great brakes with a 240mm front disc and the identical 240mm rear disc.

The specs for the current Honda CRF450R 4-stroke MX bike are as follows. The CRF450R has a high performance single cylinder 449cc engine that is liquid cooled with a unique Honda single Unicam overhead cam design and a compression ratio of 12.5:1 for some of the best horsepower in the class.

The seat height on the Honda CRF450R is 37.5 inches with 13.0 inches of frame to ground clearance.

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The 2015 Honda CRF450R video below shows a comprehensive test by TransWorld Motocross.

Honda’s CRF450R dirt bike weighs 242.7 lbs in a ready to ride or race configuration with all vital fluids.

The current year Honda CRF450R suspension using a KYB rear shock with 12.5 inches of travel and has 48mm inverted KYB Pneumatic Spring Forks called the PSF and is also called the Honda Air Fork.

Honda’s CRF450R wheelbase measurement is 58.7 inches from the front axle center to rear axle center.

The Honda CRF450R transmission is a dependable design using a close ratio 5 speed with a multi-plate wet clutch. For MX racing a 520 chain is used and sprocket gearing is 13 tooth front and 48 tooth rear.

The Honda CRF450R’s current engine has a cylinder bore and stroke measuring 96mm x 62.1mm. The CRF450R includes programmable fuel injection with a 46mm throttle body and ignition offering a full transistor type with electronic advance for some serious spark and power on tap.

The Honda CRF450R is a serious motocross racing motorcycle with a lot of power and engine torque.

Catching big air on the Honda CRF450R is never a problem with the strong aluminum Twin-Spar frame.

Motocross racer Kevin Riccitelli digs his Honda CRF450R in deep after an intense MX race session.

A huge thanks goes out to the famous Kevin Riccitelli for his great Honda CRF450R dirt bike MX photos!

Kevin Riccitelli whips his mighty Honda CRF450R around on the motocross track here with no problem.

Here’s MX racer Kevin Riccitelli ripping his Honda CRF450R over a big homemade jump off of a truck!

Kevin Riccitelli kicks out some of the biggest roost ever seen at an MX track on his Honda CRF450R.

The Honda CRF450R is an amazing 4-stroke 450F motocross racing motorcycle. The 4-stroke Honda CRF450R MX racing bike was first introduced to the Motocross and Supercross race world in 2002 to replace the successful and very popular Honda CR250 in the same MX and SX class with more power and torque. The Honda CRF450R is a proven design that has won many local, regional and Pro National Motocross and Supercross motorcycle races.