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Honda CRF250R

Honda CRF250R

The fuel tank on the Honda CRF250R has a capacity of 1.66 US gallons of gas providing long racing sessions at the MX track or in trails, woods and any other type of off-road course for hours of riding fun!

The Honda CRF motocross racing bikes & off-road dirt bikes replaced the 4-stroke XR models in 2000.

Currently the Honda CRF250R has a cool race inspired dual exhaust set up the can be seen at race track worldwide with a crisp sound and well balanced silencer weight on each side instead of only one.

The Honda CRF250R featured here belongs to the super fast motocross racer David Britton from Kentucky and can be found on Instagram @dbritton785. David puts in hard work at the MX race track and at his race shop working on his awesome CRF250R. Listed below are the Honda CRF250R specs.

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The Honda CRF250R has amazing brakes with a 240mm front front disc and the same 240mm rear disc.

The 4-stroke Honda CRF250R is a potent race bike with a high performance single cylinder 249cc engine that is liquid cooled with a DOHC dual overhead cam design and a compression ratio of 13.5:1.

The Honda CRF250R in race form has a seat height of 37.4 inches and 12.7 inches of ground clearance.

Proud member of the AMA American Motorcyclist Association

This great Honda CRF250R video below shows a thorough motorcycle evaluation of the current model.

Honda CRF250R motorcycles have come to be known as one of the most perfect MX racing dirt bikes ever produced weighing 231 lbs in a ready to race or ride configuration with all critical fluids and lubes.

Honda CRF250R motorcycles race in the 250F motocross class and have a suspension system the goes back decades in testing and development using the Honda Pro-Link set up using a Showa rear shock with 12.3 inches of travel and has 48mm inverted cartridge front forks with 12.2 inches of travel.

The wheelbase of the CRF250R Honda motorcycle measures 58.6 inches from front axle to rear axle.

The transmission in the CRF250R is a proven Honda design utilizing a close ratio 5 speed with a multi-plate wet clutch. Power gets to the ground from a 520 chain with 13 tooth front & 49 tooth rear sprockets.

The current engine on the CRF250R built by Honda has a cylinder bore and stroke measuring 76.8mm x 53.8mm. The CRF250R also includes programmable fuel injection with a 46mm throttle body and ignition comprised of full transistor with electronic advance which makes for some very impressive specifications.

The Honda CRF250R is a perfectly balanced racing dirt bike with the right blend of power and weight.

The Honda CRF250R is an awesome 4-stroke 250F motocross racing motorcycle. The Honda CRF250R 4-stroke motocross race bike was first introduced to the MX racing world in 2004 to replace the popular and successful Honda CR125 in the Motocross and Supercross Lites class with more power and torque in this very competitive dirt bike racing class. Not to be confused with the Honda CR250 2-stroke that raced with the Honda CRF450R 4-stroke in the next level up in racing competition.