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Honda CR125

Honda CR125

The fuel capacity on the Honda CR125 features a large 2 gallon gas tank which is 7.57 liters in metric.

The beginning of the screaming 2-stroke Honda CR125 being slowly phased out of the motorcycle market began in 2004 with the introduction of the Honda CRF250R 4-stroke race bike with more peak horsepower and a lot more low end torque in the same MX class which actually weighed a little more.

The Honda CR125 is a serious motocross racing motorcycle with speed and power clear big MX jumps.

The Honda CR125 pictured here is owned by the super talented motocross racer Jeff Riccitelli from Canada. Jeff and his super cool CR125 can also be found on Instagram @jeff_riccitellimx28.

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All Honda CR125 brakes feature a large 240mm brake rotor and the same 240mm rear brake rotor.

The specifications for the Honda CR125 2-stroke MX bike are as follows. The CR125 uses a high performance liquid cooled single cylinder 125cc engine with high tech proven reed valve intake induction and a cylinder piston compression ratio of 8.6:1 for a two cycle engine that works best at high RPM.

The Honda CR125 seat height is 37.3 inches with 13.8 inches of ground clearance to the frame bottom.

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This Honda CR125 video below features a really cool project of completely rebuilding a CR125 MX bike.

The super light Honda CR125 motocross bike weighs an amazing 192.9 lbs dry without any oil or fuel.

The Honda CR125 suspension uses a fully adjustable Kayaba rear shock with 12.5 inches of travel and has 46.0mm inverted Kayaba front forks. Both have compression and rebound dampening adjustability. The CR125 front end steering geometry is measured at 25.8 degrees of rake and 3.9 inches of trail.

Honda’s CR125 wheelbase measures 57.9 inches from the front axle center to the rear axle center.

The Honda CR125 transmission uses a dependable super strong close ratio 5 speed along with a smooth multi-plate wet clutch and uses a 520 gauge chain to get the 2-stroke power to the rear wheel.

The Honda CR125 engine cylinder bore and stroke measures 54.0mm x 54.5mm. CR125’s use an efficient 38.0mm Mikuni TMX carburetor with TPS throttle position sensor fuel management technology.

Revving the Honda CR125 into the peak of the powerband produces a lot of power and engine torque.

Cornering fast is what the Honda CR125 is all about with the lightweight aluminum Twin-Spar frame.

For years into the future, the Honda CR125 will be known as one of the most famous MX racing bikes.

The Honda CR125 is a winning combination of light weigh along with 2-stroke power and great handling.

Honda CR125’s look great on a race stand, but look even better flying through the air off of big jumps.

The physical size of a 2-stroke Honda CR125 is very similar to a Honda CRF450R 4-stroke MX bike.

A big thank you goes out to our friend, the famous Jeff Riccitelli for his great Honda CR125 MX bike pictures!

The Honda CR125 kicks some giant roost out of the back as MX racer Jeff Riccitelli demonstrates here.

Honda CR125 motocrossers are known for their clean sleek profile as seen on the race stand below.

The gorgeous Honda CR125 above is all cleaned up and ready for hours of great motocross race action.

During a long day at the MX race track, this Honda CR125 full of mud can handle hours of hard riding.

High flying Jeff Riccitelli screams his Honda CR125 off of another big jump at his favorite MX race track.

The Honda CR125 is an awesome 125cc 2-stroke MX racing dirt bike motorcycle. The 2-stroke Honda CR125 MX racing bike was first introduced to the motorcycle and motocross racing world in the early 1970’s as the CR125 Elsinore and has always been a very successful and popular dirt bike until today even though final production year for the CR125 2-stroke MX race bike was in 2007. The technical OEM name is actually CR125R, but this amazing screamer is usually referred to as the CR125.