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Harley Davidson Softail Breakout

Harley Davidson Softail Breakout

The Harley Davidson Softail Breakout has an overall length of 96.3 inches with a 26 inch seat height.

The Harley Davidson Softail Breakout’s low routine maintenance 103 engine features a lightweight piston design with a strong and reliable 6 speed Cruise Drive transmission for smooth low RPM cruising.

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The specifications for the current Harley Davidson Softail Breakout have it weighing in a 710 lbs ready to ride on the street. The Bore and Stroke of the big 103.1 cubic inch motor measures 3.87 inches x 4.374 inches. The Harley Davidson Breakout has an engine cylinder compression ratio that measures 9.6:1.

Harley Davidson Softail Breakout features an air cooled pushrod Twin Cam 103 engine that produces 95.2 foot lbs of torque at 3,000 rpm in stock configuration while maintaining and impressive 42 mpg.

The very efficient and high performance fuel intake delivery system on the new Harley Davidson Softail Breakout power cruiser features Electronic Sequential Port Fuel Injection otherwise known as ESPFI.

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For a super fun road ride on the highway, back road or around town cruising, the Harley Davidson Softail Breakout is hard to beat for great performance and handling with the famous Harley exhaust sound!

This cool video below shows an in depth look and review of the new Harley Davidson Softail Breakout.

The fuel capacity of the Harley Davidson Softail Breakout cruiser motorcycle is 5 gallons and the engine oil capacity with the oil filter is 3.5 US quarts. The stock OEM tire sizes from the Harley Davidson factory is a front 130/60-21 tire and a huge rear 240/40-18 tire which really puts a lot of rubber on the road.

High tech ABS front brakes that were an option now come standard on the current Harley Breakout.

This awesome and amazing Harley Davidson Softail Breakout streetbike is the classic Harley V-Twin engine design since 1909 with modern hydraulic front and rear disc brakes for incredible stopping power.

The Harley Davidson Softail Breakout has an overall wheelbase of 67.3 inches measuring from the center of the front wheel axle to the center of the rear wheel axle. The front fork suspension geometry has a Rake measuring 35 degrees and Trail measuring 5.7 inches. Ground clearance is a full 4.7 inches.

The Harley Davidson Softail Breakout is a mean American made power cruiser motorcycle. The Harley Davidson Softail Breakout is a revolutionary custom motorcycle from the factory with modern power cruiser sized wheels and tires that has a very refined style while maintaining a classic drag bike attitude. This performance cruiser by Harley is changing the way bikes are being factory produced.