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Cora Leonhardt Motocross Racer

Cora Leonhardt Motocross Racer

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Cora Leonhardt can be found on the popular social media site Instagram currently as @cora88mx

Cora Leonhardt is sponsored by us here at Motorcycling Online as a part of her Infinity Racing Team.

Proud member of the AMA American Motorcyclist Association

Cora’s sister Haley Leonhardt takes amazing photographs of Cora racing, practicing and enjoying life.

Cora’s parents are 100% committed to her motorcycle racing lifestyle supporting her at every MX race.

As a motocross racer, the reward of trophies is so fulfilling as Cora Leonhardt shows off her latest ones.

Motocross racer Cora Leonhardt takes a 1st Place and a 4th Place in only her second MX race ever!

In MX racing, nothing compares to getting ready to approach the starting line as Cora gets ready to race.

There’s not a day that goes by that Cora Leonhardt isn’t practicing at her home race track on her KX85.

The motocross racing world needs to take notice that Cora Leonhardt is going to be a huge sensation!

MX racer Cora Leonhardt has a passion, style and dedication for motocross racing that is very inspiring.

Cora Leonhardt runs her Kawasaki KX85 motocross race bike at an expert pace on the MX race track.

Here’s Cora Leonhardt, Matt Walker the former Pro Circuit Kawasaki racer & her sister Haley Leonhardt.

Being a talented motocross racing athlete, Cora Leonhardt trains hard and practices intensely everyday.

Cora Leonhardt races MX with all of the top motocross products like Fox Racing Apparel & Helmets, Alpinestars Tech 3 Stella Women’s Boots, FMF Racing Exhaust and Dunlop Geomax MX51 Tires.

We are so happy to have Cora Leonhardt on our team. Thank you Cora for making all of this happen and for representing and the entire motorcycle community worldwide with your awesome heart felt motocross racing quotes such as one of our favorites, “If you can believe in what you do. You will do wonderful things. Just never give up, keep going with passion and love in what you do.”

Cora Leonhardt is quoted as saying “Motocross is not a easy sport. It takes more then strength, it takes passion to do it. Passion to have confidence in what you do, to try your hardest and never give up. Motocross is one of the best sports that I've ever done. Even if I don't win a race, at least I tried my hardest and I never gave up. You just have to practice and put everything you do into what you love.”

This is a great photo of Cora Leonhardt jumping high and past another racer on a huge downhill jump.

Cora Leonhardt lives MX racing with this quote “My goal, my passion, my love, is put into what I do.”

Huge motocross jumps such as tabletops, double, triple jumps are never a problem for Cora Leonhardt!

Motocross racer Cora Leonhardt believes in the MX life saying, “When you have that look in your eyes, that one look when you have a passion for something that you love to do, it's the best thing to see.”

Motorcycle MX phenom Cora Leonhardt is a true super star in the world of racing with her Moto Girl vibe.

Cora Leonhardt represents what motocross racing is all about, speed, power, smoothness and control.

The MX scene has really changed with Cora Leonhardt racing her Kawasaki on U.S. motocross tracks.

Below is an awesome limited edition Cora Leonhardt sponsor promotional poster that she and her sister, fellow motocross racer Haley Leonhardt made together for the corporate people involved in her racing.

Cora Leonhardt is always recognized and known around the MX tracks by her famous “Flying Ponytail”

Also known for her pink Monster Energy sweatshirt, Cora Leonhardt is hard to miss on the race track.

As Cora wheelies down the face of a big downhill MX jump, the Leonhardt family watches with pride.

The top secret spy photo above catches Cora Leonhardt testing the mighty Kawasaki KX125 2-stroke!

Cora Leonhardt does prefer the power and feel of her Kawasaki KX85 2-stroke with a KX100 engine.

As Cora Leonhardt moves her way through the motocross race classes, you’ll be sure to see her flying!

Cora Leonhardt focuses hard on her motocross racing and is a true asset to the entire sport of MX.

With her true natural talent racing dirt bikes, Cora Leonhardt learned proven motocross techniques fast!

Cora says her true happiness in life comes from times racing motocross and simply riding her dirt bike.

A great upbringing and well disciplined mind set are key factors in Cora Leonhardt’s motocross ability.

Cora Leonhardt currently uses Dunlop Geomax MX52 motocross racing tires after testing the MX51’s.

Check out Cora Leonhardt’s new YouTube channel for some great helmet cam motocross racing action!

We can’t thank Cora Leonhardt enough for sharing her awesome KX85 motocross racing photos with us!

Being a real deal hardcore motocross racer, Cora doesn’t let a little mud at the race track slow her down!

Real motocross racers like Cora Leonhardt prepare for a big MX race by changing her Kawasaki KX85 clutch the pro level mechanic way. This was a quick exact bike to bike fiber and steel plate clutch swap. All new clutch kits out of the package from the manufacture advise soaking the fiber plates for a few hours prior to installation. A quick change for previously used fiber plates in good condition pulled from a currently running motorcycle does not require a pre soak due to them already soaking inside of the existing transmission oil whether it is a 2-stroke or a 4-stroke motocross, off-road or street motorcycle.

A great big thanks goes out to’s sponsored motocrosser Cora Leonhardt as she represents us like no one else can as she makes it to the Regional Loretta Lynn Qualifier at Sunset Ridge MX in Walnut Illinois which she had great finishes and awesome results after a fierce racing weekend. Thank you Cora, your dedication for motorcycle racing represents what we are all about.

Cora “cora88mx” Leonhardt earns a hard fought 2nd Place racing MX at a Loretta Lynn area qualifier!

The amazing photo above of the two Leonhardt sisters, Cora and Haley jumping together over a really big motocross jump at a race was taken by their very proud and awesome mother Connie Leonhardt.

Here’s another great photo of our motocross racer Cora “cora88mx” Leonhardt at the legendary Spring Creek Motocross track in Millville Minnesota with a great second place finish overall in the Girls Sr. MX class during the famous Pro National weekend racing with her new Arai VX-Pro3 Nitrous Blue helmet!

Cora and Haley Leonhardt formed Infinity Racing as their MX race team and their dedication shows it.

Cora Leonhardt is known around many race tracks across America and so is her cora88mx username.

Here is Cora Leonhardt’s Kawasaki KX85 all cleaned up before a big motocross race getting ready to go.

Check out this great photo of Cora Leonhardt clearing a hugh uphill double jump on her Kawasaki KX85.

Cora Leonhardt roosts through the sandy soil on her KX85 at one of her favorite motocross race tracks.

Cora Leonhardt rails out of a motocross track turn kicking up some nice roost on her modified Kawasaki.

Being from the USA’s warm south, Cora Leonhardt can ride, train and race her KX85 most of the year.

Cora Leonhardt and her sister Haley Leonhardt contribute so much with their artist MX track photos.

Check out the amazing Cora Leonhardt flying over this huge MX tabletop jump on her Kawasaki KX85.

Racing at her favorite local track allows Cora to show the Leonhardt family how much their family racing heritage goes into every lap of every race that she competes in building the Infinity Racing notoriety.

You should also check out our Kawasaki KX85 page below for a lot more Cora Leonhardt racing photos!

Cora and Haley Leonhardt’s Infinity Racing Team encompass the true passion for motocross family fun.

Cora Leonhardt roosts every motocross track wearing her violet & white Alpinestars Stella Tech 3 boots.

Check out this amazing photo of Cora Leonhardt jumping a huge uphill double on her Kawasaki KX85.

Here Cora Leonhardt jumps a big downhill motocross double jump on her Kawasaki KX85 with ease.

Big news in the photo above, Cora Leonhardt is now also racing a Kawasaki KX250 two stroke MX bike!

High flying Cora Leonhardt does a big uphill jump on her Kawasaki KX85 lap after lap to amaze the fans.

Cora proudly poses by her Kawasaki KX85 and KX250 with her Millcreek Kawasaki Pro Am trophies.

This great shot of Cora going fast on her KX85 was taken by her awesome MX Mom Connie Leonhardt!

Cora Leonhardt roosts the competition out of the starting gate on the outside of an 85cc motocross race. The photo below proves that Cora can rip on any size bike as she jumps her Kawasaki KX250 2-stroke.

Cora Leonhardt lines up at the starting gate on her Kawasaki KX85 ready to smoke the competition.

Cora Leonhardt jumps a huge double jump in the MX photos above and below on her Kawasaki KX85.

While Cora is between motos, she is always willing to help and coach her friends before their MX races.

Cora Leonhardt is a motocross racer from Georgia and will be the next big star in MX racing. Cora Leonhardt has a very promising motocross racing future as she takes her Kawasaki KX85 MX motorcycle to the edge of performance. Cora takes her motocross racing very seriously and it defines who she is everyday whether it’s on the race track or in her daily life looking forward to the next MX race!

Big News!! Cora Leonhardt is now racing a Kawasaki KX100 and is tearing up the MX world!

From Cora’s first few races on her Kawasaki KX100, the competition knows she’s ready to dominate.

Keep an eye out for Cora Leonhardt on her new KX100 as she rips up the motocross track with style.

Cora has adapted very quickly and was instantly up to speed on her new Kawasaki KX100 race bike which fits her very well along with a new pair of red, black and gray Alpinestars Tech 7 MX racing boots.

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