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The 1990 Honda NS50F sportbike motorcycle is super rare and well sought after. It was imported to the United States of America briefly for only one year and it has had a huge following ever since. The 1990 Honda NS50F has a very compact and powerful 49cc street legal two stroke engine.

1990 Honda NS50F

The modern high performance liquid cooled engine in the NS50F Honda makes it a blast to ride.

This awesome Honda sportbike motorcycle has OEM factory wire spoke rugged steel laced wheels with front and rear drum brakes to help stop the super light Honda NS50F with no problem at all.

Capable of 55-60 mph top speeds in stock factory Honda OEM configuration, the NS50F is a super fun but it is altogether a very serious race oriented 2-stroke cafe racer style sportbike motorcycle.

The 1990 Honda NS50F six speed transmission takes this sportbike motorcycle to another level of really fun twisty back road street carving performance from a proven Japanese road racing design.

The Honda NS50F has factory full motorcycle expansion chamber 2-stroke exhaust with a silencer.

The NS50F has fully functional Honda OEM motorcycle turn signals, square headlight and tail light. The 2.6 gallon fuel tank with the oil injected Honda NS50F motor goes a long way after a gas fill up.

Below you’ll find the very rare and highly sought after hand made steel Team Calamari Racing

Exhaust Expansion Chamber Pipe and Silencer for the 1990 Honda NS50F two stroke motorcycle.

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Currently the 1990 Honda NS50F sportbike motorcycle is able to be registered and also tagged with a vintage tag or historic license plate because of this little racing bike being over 20 years old.

In 1990 the Honda NS50F motorcycle came standard with a great set of aluminum clip on style low road racing GP handlebars found only on today’s top modern sportbikes and racing superbikes.

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An afternoon of fun motorcycle riding through some favorite twisty back roads on a Honda NS50F.

This last video features a Honda NS50F with a 70cc aftermarket big bore kit that is readily available.

The video below shows fast racers in Japan on a race track with the similar Honda NS50S motorcycles.

For a great selection of Honda NS50F parts and accessories check out mopeddivision.com. Moped Division offers performance products for the Honda NS50F featuring 70cc Big Bore Cylinder Kits, Tecno Performance Exhaust, Homoet Exhaust, Complete Gasket Sets and Polini Carbon Fiber Reeds. They are the NS50F experts!

1990 Honda NS50F

If you have a 1990 Honda NS50F and it has no spark meaning the external coil is not firing the spark plug, it is most likely the CDI box and not the coil. The NS50F pictured here had 1600 miles and suddenly had no spark from the spark plug. After determining it was not the spark plug and then installing a new external coil it still had no spark. A new CDI box made in Argentina part number IHA 6002 pictured below was installed and this Honda NS50F now has spark! This CDI box was purchased from the ebay link below and was sold by EMS Global Direct for $79.00. The OEM factory CDI box is tucked up very tight under the frame where the rear part of the gas tank bolts to the frame. The stock CDI box was left in place and the two large connectors were simply unplugged and then plugged into the new CDI box and zip tied to the frame seen in the second CDI box mounted photo below. The very small third plug on the original CDI box was left plugged in, this is apparently for the kickstand safety switch. This NS50F now shuts off when the kickstand is down even in neutral. Possibly unplugging the small third plug will cure this situation, but the kickstand safety switch will then most likely not shut the bike off when put in gear with the kickstand down. The new working aftermarket CDI box does not have a connection for that small plug unfortunately. Honda no longer offers the OEM CDI box, so this unit found on ebay is the best option. Hopefully this helps if your 1990 Honda NS50F is dead and not getting any spark.